Monday, September 8, 2014

Mission Accomplished... Last P Day Email!! :)

This isn't going to be very long.. I have been taking pictures for all of my 'lasts' as a missionary,  THREE DAYS. Oh man. It doesn't feel real yet. Weird, eh? I got up to bear my testimony on Sunday and just bawled.. Good thing the people in Nashua are so loving, or they would have thought I was crazy! We have been working really hard.. No time to slow down. :) I am SO excited to see you guys. My final interview is on Thursday right before you come.. I have been crying, but the real tears will come Wednesday night. I am not looking forward to that.. So far today I bought a ridiculous goat t-shirt and we are going to lunch as a district here soon. :)

Nifty hot dog stand in Nashua

My last day planning

My zone

My district

Last day at Habitat

My "last supper" at the Blanchettes.  She got me the COOLEST necklace :)

Me hugging the Nashua building my last week at church

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