Monday, September 30, 2013

Sister Wives? HA! :)

The last two weeks have been crazy! It is getting chilly, this week is supposed to warm up though. You can send me my thermals if you'd like. :) 

For the first time on my mission we were called sister wives by a less-actives husband.  

We went to the DMV to renew Sister Giblette's license, I thought it would be really cool to get a CT license. It cost her 120 dollars, so I changed my mind. :) 

We met a less-active who said that us dropping in on her is exactly what she needed to come back to church and then she didn't come.

I realized that I talk about my mom a whole lot. :) I bring her up as an example of things in almost every lesson. 

I was almost eaten by a massive pit bull. 

I got to spend this last Wednesday in Central Falls. :) It was really good to be back there, I missed it.. It was fun to know where everything was and who the people were too. 

We met and incredible potential investigator. She is so great and I can't wait to spend some more time with her. :) 

I got to paint a porch and eat deer.. I ate deer!  I have successfully avoided clam chowder thus far.

The RS broadcast was fantastic! We had two of our investigators there. It was perfect because the whole thing talked about making and keeping covenants. 

I had this overwhelming feeling on Saturday of how much I love our Savior. I have grown a deeper understanding of what He did for us and what it really means for each of us. It's wonderful. He is wonderful. :) 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Short and sweet...

This week was pretty fun. :) I don't have much time so I can't give you a ton of detail. :( I will send a big long one next week though!

The baptisms went great. The girls are so good. :) I am very proud of them. It is crazy to think about how God has to trust us. It's definitely something you have to earn as a missionary and as a ward before the Lord will send His children to you.

No fishercat sightings. Hallelujah.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Thought we heard a fishercat outside our door...

Good morning! :D
I am doing so great. I love this mission more and more everyday.  It's incredible.  Connecticut is wonderful. It is SO pretty here, we drove through a state park on our way to a dinner appointment yesterday and it was incredible.  I am so blessed to be here.

Our week was crazy!! We went on exchanges with the sisters in Westerly, Rhode Island on Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun.  We got up at 5 to teach early morning seminary.  I liked it. :)  I hope we get to do it in our ward sometime soon. We read 1 Nephi chapter 5 with them.  It went really well, there are only two kids in the class. The people over here would be so grateful to have seminary offered in school.  It is a blessing.  

We volunteered at an old folk's home and fed them lunch. :) Then for a work out, they did chair dancing.. It's not as crazy as it sounds.. They do aerobic exercises in their chairs.. We didn't participate. :) haha

I got to see the ocean! AHH! Then on Wednesday we drove to North Brookfield, Massachusetts to help with Zone Meeting training.  It was a long drive, but it was a lot of fun. :) I like training other missionaries because I feel like I learn more than they do.  I get so much out of it.

We met a lady who was baptized into the church 15 years ago and decided to go back to being a Catholic. I have never heard anyone do that before, but she is still friendly towards the church so we are visiting her Thursday. :) She fed us rhubarb.

We met a guy named Buffalo Bill Tail. He is suh-weet!

We had a mini missionary over the weekend, her name is Danielle.  She had some good questions, I hope she goes on a mission.

Friday we drove up to Groton, CT for interviews with the Mission President.  It was so great, he is fantastic. :) We were given some training that totally changed the way I will forever do things.  It was the greatest.

Yesterday was Sister Giblette's birthday. :) She is 21 now.  My companion is the best and the ward is awesome. :) We have two baptisms this weekend.  It will be really good.  Although, we only taught the girls two lessons maybe.  So we didn't do much. :)

Today we were going to hang out with our district, but we have to cut our pday short so we can meet with a family nobody has heard from in a long time.  It will be great if they don't cancel on us. :)

We are slowing turning into fall. The nights are pretty cold and the days don't really warm up all that much. The trees are starting to change colors too. :) The work is going GREAT.

Sister Giblette and I literally thought we heard a fishercat outside our door.  It was not cool and not a fishercat. Thank goodness.
I have never tried orange marmalade.. Sounds interesting. I hope it was good. :) I have accidentally ate more nuts on my mission than any other time in my life.. It's at least once a month now.. Kinda funny. :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alma 27:17-18 describes my life right now

So, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am.  I can't stop smiling and I am loving it here in Connecticut. Sister Giblette is the BEST.  We have a lot of fun together. :)   Such a blessing. :)  President Packard said he had such a strong impression to put us together.  He is so very in tune.  I love it too. :)  He is such a great man.  We have interviews with him this Friday.  He wants us to come with a question.

The people here are just as fun as they are in New England.  We had a lady tell us that she is super stressed because her 1.7 million didn't come in the mail.
Can you look up all you can find about fishercats? :)  I have not seen one yet, but the elders tried to tell us that they could take down a full size deer. So we were terrified of them. We live on the edge of a forest and are surrounded by trees. :) They are everywhere.

One of the sisters who went home last transfer left bags of her clothes here. We went through them and got to take home some of her things. :)  It is suh-weet.  We have things for us and things we can give to our investigators.  

We got to go to mission leadership council on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun to be around other missionaries and receive the training that we did.  It's so good to see how others are doing things.  You learn so much. :)  I got to see Sister Calder!  It was awesome!  Our zone leaders are so great.  We did the training with them at Zone Meeting and it was fun to get to work with them.  They really get "it."  

I finally finished and sent in my blog entry.  It is something you can look at.  My blog entry isn't up yet though.  I don't think. Go to

Janica's blog entry for
When I was four years old my dad passed away in a tragic accident. It was completely unexpected. Losing him was really hard on my family. My mom, only 22, was now widowed with two kids and another on the way. I have two younger brothers who have had to grow up without a dad. Our lives were not going the way we had planned. It felt like the hole my dad left when he passed was never going to be filled.
I am blessed to say that I have grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was always told by those around me that I would see my dad again and that he was safe. As I got older, the loss of my dad really troubled me. I desperately wanted to know for myself that I’d see him again, because words were not enough. The beautiful thing about this church is that we are encouraged to ask questions. We are encouraged to take all of our doubts to God, and to let Him give us our answers. I had not yet done this. I was lacking the opinion of the One who matters most: God's. I also needed to come to know for myself that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. A major part of the plan He has created for us is the promise of eternal families.
  My answer to my two big questions finally came; the hole my dad left was, in many ways, filled. We have Heavenly Father’s authority and power to bring families together for eternity in our temples and my family had this opportunity in the Salt Lake City temple on February 23, 2013 through someone holding the proper power and authority directly from God. When in the temple, my family and I promised to God that we would follow Him and keep His commandments. In return, He promised us that we would be together for eternity. This is a promise we can all have. That day, sitting with my family in the temple, my answer came. My dad is safe. He is happy and I know without a doubt that I will see him again. I know now that our Heavenly Father has a plan for my family and that he has a plan for you and yours.
Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him and wish he were here. I really do. I don’t think that pain will ever go away. What I have now come to know brings me peace of mind and so much hope. If you have lost a loved one, don’t lose hope. You can find peace and happiness in this life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can promise you that God knows you and that He still speaks to His children upon the earth today. I challenge you to ask God and come to know if these things are true for yourself. It took me 16 years too come to my answer, so never give up, He will answer you.

We took 50 pass-a-long cards to our ward mission leader on Saturday for his 50th birthday.  It was a lot of fun, he appreciated it. :) 

We saw the nastiest rat the other night.  It was HUGE and I thought it was a opossum. 

Church was  awesome, we had a new investigator there.  Her story is crazy, but she has been so prepared to hear the gospel.  I think the coolest thing I realized this week is that we should boast in our God.  Read Alma 26, it's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon.  I also love Alma 27:17-18, it describes my life right now. :)
Oh and by the way. Papa and Gma sent me dried fruit. :D Aren't they the bomb? I need to send you a picture of it. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am so stinking happy it's not even funny :)

Happy Labor Day! :)

This transfer has been so awesome thus far.  I am in love with my new ward.  They have been so good to us already!  It's awesome.  The elders here are fantastic.  We got here and they already had a list of people for us to teach and to visit.  Working with them will be a lot of fun.  My new bishop is awesome, he has a bunch of kids with red hair.  I love red hair. :)

Connecticut is beautiful.  I can't believe how green it is.  Except there is an animal here that is called a fishercat.  I am terrified of them.  You should look them up and tell me all there is to know. :)

My new companion's name is Sister Giblette.  I LOVE her.  She is 20, from Colorado, has 5 siblings, served in Nantucket before here and has been out 3 months.  I am going to learn so much from her. :)  Sister Hurst stayed in CF and she is training.

Our new apartment is really nice.  The ward gave us so much furniture.  We have three desks and three dressers.  We are the first sisters in the area, they haven't had any for 20 years. :)  I love shotgunning!  It is so much fun!  I hope I get to open areas for sisters my entire mission.  We got to the area on Thursday.  On Saturday night our RS threw us a supply shower.  They got us SO MUCH stuff.  We have supplies, food, and more supplies.  We are being so well taken care of.  Sunday was fantastic.  This ward is going to be a lot of fun.

Big news.  I killed two spiders, with my own shoe! Whoa. :)

I am so stinking happy it's not even funny, I am smiling all the time. :)  Life is so good.