Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My capacity to love has grown SO much

I got this AWESOME package in the mail. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :D You know me so very well. I could not stop smiling all day. :)

I can't believe I have been gone six months either! It has gone by really fast. If you think about it, I now have less than a year before I come home. Can you believe that? I miss you so much too!

I am leaving for Norwich, Connecticut tomorrow afternoon. This will be my third state already! I am bummed to leave this area, it's my baby. I feel way more involved here than I did in Weston. My capacity to love has grown SO much. I can't believe I already have to leave these people. I am going to miss my recent converts so much. They all started school today. :) They are such good girls, I can't wait for you to meet them.

My new companion came out here with Sister Hurst, her name is Sister Giblette. :) She seems pretty cool, she has been serving on Nantucket. I am so excited!

You'll be proud to hear that I am eating things I would have never of tried before.. I love peppers and tomato on my sandwiches. :) It's pretty crazy.

The leaves are already starting to change color here, I get to spend the fall in Connecticut. :) Yay! We were in Pawtucket last week and we saw crabs walking around in the parking lot.. It was so funny! I wanted to catch it, but decided I'd follow the no pet rule.

We went to another hoarders home, all the people from that TV show have to be from New England. It's bad.

I got to give a really cool lesson yesterday. There is a family in our ward who lost their dad about 6 years ago. The oldest boy (Ian's age) is having such a hard time with it right now, so I was able to talk to him about how I coped with dad's death. I definitely knew where he was coming from and I really hope it helped him. It was hard. I cried. :( He said the most heart breaking thing ever. I asked him what I could do to help and he said, "Just help me start grieving." Boo. :( So sad.

Two Sisters from our ward who left on the same day to serve missions.  One going to Alabama and one to Georgia
Our Church house in RI

We went and played at a gymnastics gym this morning.

My ward mission leader and his family.  I love them!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All is well here in Rhode Island :)

My headache got really bad yesterday.  I asked for a Priesthood blessing from my ward mission leader and the elders.  I feel a lot better now. :) The blessing was really cool.  My ward mission leader said, "I bless you to have the desire of your heart. Choose wisely."  What does that mean!?  Crazy. 
On Saturday they broadcasted the Temple groundbreaking. It was really cool, President Monson was there. :) I love that guy.  President Packard got to turn the ground with him!  So awesome. :)  
We also got to go to a Greek festival with one of our members.  She bought us Greek food. :)  it was alright.  It amazes me how American my taste buds are.
All is well here in Rhode Island. :) Next week is transfers and I find out Saturday night if I am staying.  I want to stay SO bad.  I need to stay here, I love it. :)

Here are some cool scriptures. :)
John 14:18, 15:9-13, 15:16-21.. 1 Peter 5:7.. :)
We had a farewell at church yesterday.  Two sister missionaries. :)  They are sisters and they are both leaving on the same day.  

I don't have much more to tell. :)  The week was short. Pday will be on Wednesday next week. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I like oatmeal, so that's big news :)

My week has been good! I like oatmeal, so that's big news. :) haha

My healthy breakfast with oatmeal
Remember how I used to love car washes? Not anymore, the ones out here are awful and terrifying.

We went to zone conference on Wednesday. It was so good! I love zone conference. I always learn so much and it's good to see the Packard's. I also love being around other missionaries.

A lot of people here live in apartment complexes or three apartment homes. One of the ladies in our ward lives on the top floor of her apartment home. She is so funny. A woman at her work stole her car in February, she just barely reported it to the police. The woman who stole her car is on parole for breaking into homes. The member in our ward is terrified that she is going to break into her house and she will have no way out so she tied a rope off the side of her three story apartment complex. It is nowhere close to touching the ground, we had to convince her not to practice scaling the building. :) I love it here! I hope I never leave, the people here are hilarious and I love them so much. :)

So, I really did not want to pay money to see a doctor for something silly like a headache.. Then we were reading out of the white handbook the day after I decided this and it's says to not delay medical treatment, even to save money. Dang it! I have to be exactly obedient. The blessing came when I called the Dr and he said he would see me for free. :) He is an ear, nose, and throat specialist.  Good news is, I don't have an ear infection.  Bad news is, he is not sure what is causing my massive headache.  So I have been icing and heating my neck and shoulders.  Slowly, but surely, it will go away I think. :)

It poured all day Friday, it was awesome.

We have two new investigators. :) They are fantastic. Our investigator was baptized on Sunday, she is so awesome. We just came from a lesson with her, I am so proud of her. She does not have a great home life, but Christ is so important to her. I look up to her a lot.

We were going to go watch the Patriot's practice, but the elders bailed on us. It was a super bummer. How cool would that have been!? So instead, we went for a walk on a bike trail near by.  It was beautiful. I have pictures. :) I didn't get any ticks!

(sorry I couldn't get pic to rotate :( boo!)

We got to travel to Plymouth on Tuesday to train some sisters. It was a lot of fun!

Sister Bailey and Sister Kendall

We cleaned a hoarders house. :) This was a real life, nasty hoarder home.  We started in the kids room and the layer of bugs, food, and trash was so thick that we couldn't see the ground.  The family has 12 kids, of course destruction is unavoidable, but oh man. We spent four hours cleaning, it looked so good after!

I got to go see Kelly and the kids. :) they gave me some veggies from their garden along with some other great things.

Some of the sisters are having a really hard time being out here on their missions. I have not hit that hump yet, I love it so much. I miss you guys, but I can't imagine being anywhere else right now. I can't believe it's already almost been six months. I can definitely do what I have done two more times. It is going to fly by! It is crazy to think that last year was my first year in college. Who knew I'd be in Rhode Island a year later! :) What the what?  I think I am eating well.  I am trying too, I definitely won't go hungry. :) I did get a new shirt and skirt. I will be sending a picture of it. :) One of the zippers on my skirts broke.. Dang.

New clothes!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Lord is hastening His work in this area...

I am doing well. :) I think I have an ear infection, but I don't have time to do anything about it. haha! Other than that I am doing so good. :) I had such a good week.

Monday, we went to a FHE at a member's home. It was a lot of fun, they feed us such good food and it's all so healthy! They are vegan, so it's a lot of salad. :)

I am reading Jesus the Christ while I work out in the mornings. It is such a good book.

We went to mission leadership council on Tuesday. It was fun to be back in Weston. It is the opposite of my area now.  President Packard trained us on how to be better zone leaders and sister training leaders.  It was so helpful because I really have no idea what I'm doing.  I feel better about it now though. :)

We went to a less-actives house on Wednesday and her husband is not a member.  Sister Hurst asked him what church he belonged to, he looked at me, opened his eyes really big and said, "Satan's!" I am almost positive that's what he said.  It was so scary when he said that.  He looks like the magic man on Aladdin, the one who sings at the very beginning.  I was being sarcastic. :)  They have a dog and a cat that looks like it survived a zombie apocalypse.  He smokes, a lot.  She has a really loud cackle. :) They are just awesome.  Oh and as we left I noticed there was dog poop on the floor. haha  I want you guys to visit them when you come and get me. :) haha!   Mom, you would love their house!

I made gma's homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time.  I had no idea what I was doing, I just went off of what I had watched gma do.  I made it for my old zone leaders because they were sick.  They said it turned out pretty well. :) I am becoming quite the cook.  I make lunch for the district every Friday.  I am the food plenipotentiary. :)  Plenipotentiary is someone who is the king of or the leader of something. :)  We have a word of the day that our district sends out and that was one of them.

Anyways, back to Wednesday.  Two of our appointments cancelled, the best part was that they called to let us know!  We were so excited that they called us instead of just not showing up we weren't even bummed about them cancelling.

We have an investigator from Haiti who is so solid.  He wants to be baptized and he is so excited about the Priesthood.  It's awesome. :)  He went to church on Sunday and loved it!  It's so good when that happens. :)

We went to Franklin to train the sisters there. It was crazy! We spent most of the day at an OCD hoarders house.  Afterwards we went to "help" set up a wedding.  Everyone ended up leaving us though and we had to set it up alone!  We had no idea what we were doing.  It was insane, probably the most stressful day on the mission thus far.

I love going on exchanges because I don't have to drive. :) haha

Church yesterday was INSANE. Sacrament was so good, all of our recent converts got up and bore their testimonies. :) It made us so happy to see. Then for second hour I went to Sunday school, which was pretty normal. Our investigator, Heaven, who is being baptized this Sunday passed her interview with the Bishop. Which is good, he can be intimidating.  And then the third hour came along.  I was helping supervise primary because so many of the teachers were out of town. We had a little girl throw up and we found out that our other investigator just found out her cousin was murdered in Pawtucket. Isn't that awful! She is so torn up about it, we are going over there tonight to make sure she eats and to help her grieve. When it rains it pours. Satan is working so hard on the people here in Central Falls. The Lord is hastening His work in this area.

My sunburn is basically gone. :) I can still see it though, I kinda look like a giraffe. haha The weather has been pretty decent. It is actually pretty cool today. Thank goodness! We have been getting a lot of rain lately which is nice because it gets rid of the humidity.  We had some members of our ward who just came back from vacation in Utah. They said that the heat there is miserable. I am so sorry for you guys. :( Hopefully it cools down soon. 

(Monday August 5th post - mom is so far behind!!  No new post this week until Thursday)