Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All is well here in Rhode Island :)

My headache got really bad yesterday.  I asked for a Priesthood blessing from my ward mission leader and the elders.  I feel a lot better now. :) The blessing was really cool.  My ward mission leader said, "I bless you to have the desire of your heart. Choose wisely."  What does that mean!?  Crazy. 
On Saturday they broadcasted the Temple groundbreaking. It was really cool, President Monson was there. :) I love that guy.  President Packard got to turn the ground with him!  So awesome. :)  
We also got to go to a Greek festival with one of our members.  She bought us Greek food. :)  it was alright.  It amazes me how American my taste buds are.
All is well here in Rhode Island. :) Next week is transfers and I find out Saturday night if I am staying.  I want to stay SO bad.  I need to stay here, I love it. :)

Here are some cool scriptures. :)
John 14:18, 15:9-13, 15:16-21.. 1 Peter 5:7.. :)
We had a farewell at church yesterday.  Two sister missionaries. :)  They are sisters and they are both leaving on the same day.  

I don't have much more to tell. :)  The week was short. Pday will be on Wednesday next week. :)

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