Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionary life is just dandy :)

Missionary life is just dandy. :) I am happy and well. We have been busy, busy, busy. Can you believe it's almost the 4th of July? I remember last year around this time.  I was hanging out in Central Falls. :)  I love that place so much and I can't wait to go and visit it soon! You will LOVE the people there! Alright here are the highlights. :)

Monday: Sister Hyoung's birthday! It was such a good day. The members love her so much. :) Our dinner appointment called her mom and asked how to make her favorite Korean food. It was really good! I did eat some of the Korean food. Most of their food is stuff on rice. :) I like putting stuff on rice. :) hahaha

Tuesday: This was a really fun day.. So I'll tell you about most of it. :) We started off at the soup kitchen, which is always fun.. The people who come through are so humble and sweet. Then we taught our investigator Kaitlyn at the Marks home. We saw the Marks 4 times that day! hahahaha We visited Sister O'Brien who just had knee surgery. She is blind and so she is bored out of her mind.. I'll have to tell you her love story when I get home. :)

Wednesday: We ate dinner at the Noel's. They have a tradition with the missionaries in which they always have us play a game of foosball before we leave. :) Of course we always lose, but we scored two points this time! They are also awesome missionaries and are having some really cool experiences.

Thursday: We weekly planned with our elders, which is always fun. They baked Sister Hyoung a cake and gave her cheese-its. :) We got to feed ourselves dinner for the first time in a long time and I ate rice with soy sauce.. YUMMY :D some things never change..

Friday: We went and saw Janice, our investigator, in the hospital.. She is doing alright now. :) Julia Larsen, one of the youth, came with us. :) It was awesome. She is so cute. Janice has a baptismal date for July 27th and now she just has to stay out of the hospital long enough to come to church! I love her.

Saturday: Oh this day was hilarious. The elders were out walking to an appointment when they met a lady named Pauline. She was talking to herself and obviously has some issues, but the elders thought it would be funny if they contacted her and gave us her information. So they did and we met with her. :) We weren't allowed in her house because "they" are killing all her Americans. So she brought her cat out with her and wouldn't shake our hands because it's dangerous to do that now a days. We brought Ruben and Lori with us. :) They are hilarious. It was fun. Special. :) I also go and awesome package! :D You are the best momma! Thank you so much! I love the butterflies. hahahaha We are going to a BBQ on Friday we can pass them out at and you better believe we will rock a few! :D haha

Sunday: RUBEN AND KAEL GOT BAPTIZED! Woo! That was exciting. I am proud of both of them. You are going to love meeting that family. I can't describe them. :) You just have to meet them.

There is a HUGE ward BBQ that day we are going to hang out at.. Hopefully it's not as hot as last year. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

It's what I would call a "pizza week"

BLESSINGS! :D Have I ever told you how much I love this gospel!? Well, I do. :) It's the best. 
My week was really good. It's what I would call a "pizza week." There has been this pattern on my mission where we won't have pizza for months, then I'll start to crave it, and then we get it for dinner for at least 5 days in a row. hahaha It's awesome.. :) I think this is the 4th time it's happened on my mission. The important things.. :) 
The work is continuing to hasten. Quickly. :) We are always so busy. Good problem to have, eh? So here is the week. :) Oh wait. I actually forgot my planner because today is a new transfer. I am going to try really hard to remember what went on, it all blurs together. :) hahaha
Monday: Ate dinner at the Blanchette's. Start of the pizza week. :) I also got to eat some cheetos. So life is good. :) hahaha
Tuesday: We met some new investigators, Florence and Paul. Paul is an old pastor and is less inclined to listen, but he tells great stories. Florence is a sweetheart trying to decide which church she wants to be part of. They are engaged and so funny. 

Wednesday: Our mini missionary came. She is one of the youth from Norwich. :D Imagine my excitement. Her name is Brooklyn Brown and her family are one of the families I didn't get to say goodbye to before I left Norwich. There was much rejoicing. :)
Thursday: We met our new Elder! Elder Shepherd headed to Boston and we got Elder Batts! He was my district leader while I was in Norwich and now he is my zone leader. He is awesome! Serving with him will be fun. We also had and AWESOME weekly planning session.
Friday: We got to visit Janice. :) We happened to show up in the middle of a "crisis." She was having troubles finding rides to the doctors. She was crying on the phone when we knocked on the door. She said a prayer with us and it was answered in two different ways not even 10 minutes later! Heavenly Father loves us! :D She got a call and now has rides set up and back up in case those don't end up working out. We made a list of all the things she loves about herself and what we love about her. Very much a sister missionary thing to do. :)

Saturday: We had our musical fireside, "The Song of the Heart." Brooklyn and I went personal contacting, inviting people to the performance while Sister Hyoung practiced. She had a companion, don't worry. :) Nobody that we invited came, but we had fun doing it. Good experience for Brooklyn. I also got to help set up the Portable Visitor Center. :) Sister Bell and Sister Hurst are the ones who run it now, so I got to spend time with them. I love those sisters! We had 17 non-members come! :D That is HUGE! Now, as Elder Ballard said, we must follow up! :D

Sunday: We spent some time with Lori and Ana (mom, grandma, and sister of Ruben and Kael). They are SO funny. We always leave with things to quote from what they say. I love them. We are creating a very precious relationship with them. I am so proud of the steps they are making.
Today is Sister Hyoung's birthday! :D She is 20!

I am going to be a wreck the last week of my mission. I only have two transfers left starting today! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

We watched the Testaments for pday :)  Well, watched/slept through the Testaments

Sister Favey made this cake for Sister Hyoung

Brooklyn (our mini-missionary) bought herself a smore kit :)  Funny girl!

Sister Hyoung, Sister Brown and Me :)

Cutest cupcake ever!
Dinner at Sister Favey's

You did it again Elder Holland!

That would be our district leader and his companion :)  The one with dark hair is our dl

Monday, June 16, 2014

We are teaching and the Lord is sending His blessings :)

It is transfer week. I only have two more transfers left! 13 weeks! Can you believe that? AHHHHHHH. I am not sure how I feel about all of it.. I try not to think about it too much. :) Sister Hyoung and I are staying together. I would have gone less-active if President switched us.. (Just kidding). 
My last week was really good. We are so busy. I think this is the busiest I have ever been on my mission.. We have things to do all day long, good productive things. We are teaching and the Lord is sending His blessings. :) It's hard to type up all that has happened and all that we've done. I try to give highlights. But sometimes there are just too many. :) hahah So here are a few. I am going to try and write a miracle or good thing from everyday. :)

Monday: Well obviously, Brian and Kelly came to visit.. Oh how I love them. I feel so comfortable and happy when I am with them. Avery is such a cute little girl and so adventurous! I was impressed by all the things she was willing to crawl on and do. Kason is a stud muffin! He has the cutest hair cut. :)

Tuesday: We taught our investigator Janice about the Atonement. She is so stinking cute! I will have to try and get a picture of her for you guys.. She has been very prepared to heart the gospel. When I am teaching people about the Atonement, it reminds me of why I am here.. She has lived her life without hope and forgiveness.. Now, she is figuring it out. :) I love her.

Wednesday: We went less-active hunting with a member in the ward.. Afterwards she took us to eat Indian food.. I like Indian food! WHAT!? I ate so much though.. I felt awful afterwards.. We also saw the MaClean's.. They just make me so happy.

Thursday: So have are teaching two people named Ruben and Kael. They were introduced to the church through their family members (who are less-active). The elders are leading the teaching with the two boys, but we get to spend time with Lori and Ana.. Ruben's mom and sister. :) Kael's mom and grandma.. It is awesome! They are making such huge changes in their lives.. It's overwhelming to describe how much I love them.. It's a lot. :)

Friday: We had a scripture study with Sister Favey. We rent our apartment from her. :) She is a wonderful lady.. She is always leaving surprises for us in our apartment..

Saturday: We helped a less-active clean out the apartment she is trying to rent.. I steamed floors. :) It was fun.. We also saw our recent convert, Louann. She is going to help us teach Janice! It is going to be epic!

Sunday: Bill and Kelly were confirmed members of the church.. They are SO happy. They got good news that their granddaughter is going to be living with them (she's 10) and she will be coming to church with them. She is a cute little girl.

Today: We went and had a dance party in Hollister with our elders. :D Well more like we watched them dance..

All of my friends are leaving in the next few transfers! Elders Moser, Watson, and Cooney go home on Friday.. It's so weird! I love the missionaries in the MBM. No better place. :) 
Church yesterday was wonderful. I have always had a hard time getting into church. I have always looked at it as a long three hours with lots of distractions. Yesterday was different for me though. I decided I was going to prepare myself beforehand. I prayed and came with questions. I got so much out of the meeting and felt like the Spirit was so strong! IT WAS GREAT! 
Today is the perfect day. It's going to get really hot this week though. I am just grateful to have been kept from the humidity for this long. Blessings! :)

Scariest geese ever!!

The Larsens from the ward

Monday, June 9, 2014

Just living the life :)

P day with my Uncle, Aunt and cousins!!

I am doing well.  Just living the life. :)

Nashua is on fire right now. When Elder Holland came he left an Apostolic blessing on our mission and it is being fulfilled. I am just so happy. I feel like I am full of God's love. He is just pouring it out on all those whom I love.

We had stake conference this past weekend and he was talking about coming to ends.. The stake president got released and he said that before he was released he had to remember that his calling was coming to an end, but it wasn't over yet. I am so ready to give my will to the Lord these last few months. Good things to come. :)

We taught our investigator, Kevin, this week. He is a rock star. We made him a timeline of Christ's life to try and help him get the context behind Christ's mission on earth. I saw so many dots connected for him. It was awesome. :)

Bill, Kelly and Louann were baptized yesterday! It was so spiritual. They were just glowing afterwards. Bill gave us flowers. He is a sweetie pie. He was just so grateful for yesterday. 

We have a new investigator, Katelyn. She has taken the lessons before, but wants to meet with sisters to make sure this is really what she wants. She is dating a Mormon boy and doesn't want to be doing it only for him. She is so cool. She said that she felt like the Spirit in the lesson helped her realize why she is doing this. For Jesus Christ. It was wonderful. :) She is very brave.  It shows how much God really means to her. You do have to choose it for yourself.. Otherwise it won't be lasting.

Elder S. Gifford Nelsen came to our stake conference. He was fantastic. I will send my notes today. Finally. :) I promise.

It has been pretty rainy recently, but it's so green. I love it.

It's so much fun! I love these people. :D

We hit our 99 mark!  Less than 99 days until I come home!

Bill and Kelly are on one side of me and Louann is on the other :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

All of our investigators are on fire! :)

I am doing well. :) Life in Nashua is good.
All of our investigators are on fire! :) Three of them are being baptized this Sunday. Bill, Kelly, and Louann. :) I am so excited! They have been so prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be such a good day! 
Also! Arnold in Belmont was baptized and confirmed this past weekend! Ali is getting baptized on the 7th! How exciting huh!? :D Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much. 
Our other investigators are doing great! They are all progressing pretty well and we keep finding more! It's amazing what happens when you open your mouth. :) 
The temple on Monday was fantastic. We have been so busy. I feel like there is always so much to do. We get to spend a lot of time with members. Especially less-actives. I like working with less-actives. :) They are a lot of fun and it feels so good to see them come to church. I am trying my best to be someone the Lord can work through. :)
We had a zone conference on Friday to follow-up with the AMAZING meeting with Elder Holland. The meeting with Elder Holland changed my life. After he left, we all just stood there. Nobody wanted to leave.  President Packard taught us all he can put into words about personal revelation. It was awesome. I will try and send my notes. :) I wish I could describe how I feel, but it's just that. Feelings. It's hard to my feelings into words. I went on exchanges with the sisters in Billerica. It was a lot of fun, but it made me miss Nashua! I am grateful to be serving here. I feel like I can be me. :)
I love the bishop here. He just comes up to us and tells us how much he loves having sisters in his ward. It's so sweet. :) The members are really great too. 
Sister Hyoung is awesome! I love being her companion.. I think that she is going to be transferred though. Which is a bummer.. One more companion for me I guess. :) I think this will be my last area. I will "die" here.  :)  God is seriously hastening His work here. I don't think we understand the magnitude of what's happening or what's about to happen.