Monday, June 9, 2014

Just living the life :)

P day with my Uncle, Aunt and cousins!!

I am doing well.  Just living the life. :)

Nashua is on fire right now. When Elder Holland came he left an Apostolic blessing on our mission and it is being fulfilled. I am just so happy. I feel like I am full of God's love. He is just pouring it out on all those whom I love.

We had stake conference this past weekend and he was talking about coming to ends.. The stake president got released and he said that before he was released he had to remember that his calling was coming to an end, but it wasn't over yet. I am so ready to give my will to the Lord these last few months. Good things to come. :)

We taught our investigator, Kevin, this week. He is a rock star. We made him a timeline of Christ's life to try and help him get the context behind Christ's mission on earth. I saw so many dots connected for him. It was awesome. :)

Bill, Kelly and Louann were baptized yesterday! It was so spiritual. They were just glowing afterwards. Bill gave us flowers. He is a sweetie pie. He was just so grateful for yesterday. 

We have a new investigator, Katelyn. She has taken the lessons before, but wants to meet with sisters to make sure this is really what she wants. She is dating a Mormon boy and doesn't want to be doing it only for him. She is so cool. She said that she felt like the Spirit in the lesson helped her realize why she is doing this. For Jesus Christ. It was wonderful. :) She is very brave.  It shows how much God really means to her. You do have to choose it for yourself.. Otherwise it won't be lasting.

Elder S. Gifford Nelsen came to our stake conference. He was fantastic. I will send my notes today. Finally. :) I promise.

It has been pretty rainy recently, but it's so green. I love it.

It's so much fun! I love these people. :D

We hit our 99 mark!  Less than 99 days until I come home!

Bill and Kelly are on one side of me and Louann is on the other :)

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