Monday, June 30, 2014

Missionary life is just dandy :)

Missionary life is just dandy. :) I am happy and well. We have been busy, busy, busy. Can you believe it's almost the 4th of July? I remember last year around this time.  I was hanging out in Central Falls. :)  I love that place so much and I can't wait to go and visit it soon! You will LOVE the people there! Alright here are the highlights. :)

Monday: Sister Hyoung's birthday! It was such a good day. The members love her so much. :) Our dinner appointment called her mom and asked how to make her favorite Korean food. It was really good! I did eat some of the Korean food. Most of their food is stuff on rice. :) I like putting stuff on rice. :) hahaha

Tuesday: This was a really fun day.. So I'll tell you about most of it. :) We started off at the soup kitchen, which is always fun.. The people who come through are so humble and sweet. Then we taught our investigator Kaitlyn at the Marks home. We saw the Marks 4 times that day! hahahaha We visited Sister O'Brien who just had knee surgery. She is blind and so she is bored out of her mind.. I'll have to tell you her love story when I get home. :)

Wednesday: We ate dinner at the Noel's. They have a tradition with the missionaries in which they always have us play a game of foosball before we leave. :) Of course we always lose, but we scored two points this time! They are also awesome missionaries and are having some really cool experiences.

Thursday: We weekly planned with our elders, which is always fun. They baked Sister Hyoung a cake and gave her cheese-its. :) We got to feed ourselves dinner for the first time in a long time and I ate rice with soy sauce.. YUMMY :D some things never change..

Friday: We went and saw Janice, our investigator, in the hospital.. She is doing alright now. :) Julia Larsen, one of the youth, came with us. :) It was awesome. She is so cute. Janice has a baptismal date for July 27th and now she just has to stay out of the hospital long enough to come to church! I love her.

Saturday: Oh this day was hilarious. The elders were out walking to an appointment when they met a lady named Pauline. She was talking to herself and obviously has some issues, but the elders thought it would be funny if they contacted her and gave us her information. So they did and we met with her. :) We weren't allowed in her house because "they" are killing all her Americans. So she brought her cat out with her and wouldn't shake our hands because it's dangerous to do that now a days. We brought Ruben and Lori with us. :) They are hilarious. It was fun. Special. :) I also go and awesome package! :D You are the best momma! Thank you so much! I love the butterflies. hahahaha We are going to a BBQ on Friday we can pass them out at and you better believe we will rock a few! :D haha

Sunday: RUBEN AND KAEL GOT BAPTIZED! Woo! That was exciting. I am proud of both of them. You are going to love meeting that family. I can't describe them. :) You just have to meet them.

There is a HUGE ward BBQ that day we are going to hang out at.. Hopefully it's not as hot as last year. :)

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