Monday, July 7, 2014

The Lord is hastening His work and He loves me! I can feel it! :D

My week was swell. :) CRAZY! I have some good stuff for you this time. :) The Lord is hastening His work and He loves me! I can feel it! :D The 4th was wonderful. Lots of fun. It rained all day, down pour. It is WARM. Definitely not as bad as last year, so I am counting my blessings. :)
Monday: We ate dinner at the Candelario's. They are a hilarious family.. They are planning on going to the temple this month to be sealed as a family. :D
Tuesday: We had a webex in the mission. We found out that we now have to teach L5 in PMG before someone can be baptized.. It is also our responsibility to make sure all the new member lessons are taught.. :)
Wednesday: We met with our investigator Kaitlyn. She had a baptismal date for July 4th, and then she dropped it. So we met with her to see what's up and continue the lessons. We watched the Mormon message about courage and then talked about Moses and the brass serpent. She said that she knew why she was having this lesson and that she needs to be baptized in two days because that is the date that God gave her. So we pulled together a baptismal service, got permission for it to be in a pool, and finished teaching all the stuff she had to know before she is baptized. :D It we wicked!
Thursday: Kaitlyn got her interview and PASSED! We also met with our investigator, Kevin. I love Kevin. He is HILARIOUS. He reminds me of Zach in a lot of ways.. We taught him about Christ's life and it went really well. He is working on "feeling" the Spirit, not just connecting with the gospel intellectually. How do you feel it?
Friday: We had zone meeting, which was good. Kaitlyn was baptized! In a pool! Outside! During a tropical storm! It was one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission. She is amazing. :) Then we went to a members home and hung out with our entire ward. We played frisbee in the rain. :D It was so much fun..
Saturday: We spent sometime at the MaClean's. I can't wait for you guys to meet them! :D I love them so much. Then we went and watched fireworks at a church in Nashua. There were so many people. We gave the glowsticks you sent me to some of the kids there. :) They loved them.
Sunday: Oh man. Sunday. So we went to our church and then drove to the singles ward to watch Kaitlyn get confirmed. It was wonderful. :) Except for the fact that they used oatNUT bread for the sacrament. I thought it was an interesting choice. hahah I had to take benadryl, which made me super sleepy. We had a full day ahead of us too, we wouldn't be able to go home to sleep it off. We went to see Janice and ate dinner at Lori and Anna's. :) It was such a good day despite the tiredness.
Monday: Today is Matt's birthday! It's almost Zach's birthday! Everyone is growing up so fast! :) I get to go and see goats tonight! :D WOOOOO!

Janice! :D We went and visited her on the 4th - she was stuck in the hospital

That's Kaitlyn :)  Her boyfriend is on the right of me.  He baptized her :)  The elders in the singles ward are next to Sister Hyoung.  She was baptized in that pool!

A lady walked up to us today in Savers and handed us 20 bucks and said "Go get some lunch."  AWH!  So we did!  Chick-fil-a anyone?  :D

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