Monday, July 28, 2014

So I am definitely dying in Nashua

Greetings from Nashua! :D

So I am definitely dying in Nashua.  Sister Hyoung is leaving me and heading to Providence, RI. I keep telling her that she will LOVE it there. It's awesome. :) I am going to miss Sister Hyoung so much. We have a ton of fun together.  My new companion is coming straight from the MTC! :D I get to train my last transfer! WOO! There is no better way to head out. I am so stoked. I will meet her on Wednesday.  I am kinda nervous. She better not be crazy. :) ahaha I have gotten pretty lucky on companions thus far. Our week was really good. :)

Monday: We ate dinner at the Comber's. They have such a crazy life! Always so much going on. She has 29 birds, 2 dogs, fish, a lizard, and a hamster. I love her so much. :) She is battling her second round of cancer. Which is really sad. She finds our more details about treatments and such in a few weeks. She is so strong though, nothing will stop her.

Tuesday: I can't wait for you to meet Lorrie and her family. They are hilarious! Kael is the coolest 9 year old I have ever met. Lorrie has a hard outer shell, but we are cracking it. We almost got her to tell us that she loves us! :D

Wednesday: My last zone conference. :( I hope the missionaries in Utah let me come to their zone conferences. Anyways. It was so good. :) The whole mission presidency came! We focused on the three venues of conversion. 1. our teaching appointment 2. personal study 3. church attendance. So good! We finished off the night at Denny's. We serve with the funniest elders ever!

Thursday: We taught new investigators, Omar and Tatiana. Their son, Fabian, was baptized in January. :) He is so awesome. They are trying to learn how to speak English, so we taught them how to pray in English. No better person to practice on than God, right? :) The Spirit was very strong and they are some of the most humble people I have ever met. We also have our first correlation with our new ward mission leader. He is hilarious! I am so excited to work with him. :) He is very much a get it done kind of guy, which is nice.

Friday: In the morning, President calls to extend leadership callings and what not before transfer texts later that day. Every time the phone rings that morning, you have a heart attack. We were getting ready when he called us. We were freaking out! He called Sister Hyoung to be a sister training leader and me to be a trainer. We are both wicked excited. Nervous too. :) So many people are going home this week! It's crazy! I am grateful I picked the later transfer. I feel like I still have a work to do. We also ate dinner with a recently returned missionary and his family. His mom set it up for him so he wouldn't have to bad of withdrawals.. It was fun. :)

Saturday: I spent the day in Billerica on exchanges with Sister Staley. I met a lady got to photograph Michael Jordan the one year he played baseball. The pictures are pretty cool. :) She is a super funny lady. We went over there around 11 and she told us she hadn't slept yet. I got to visit an Air force Base. Reminded me of my days out in Dugway.

Sunday: We had such a good sacrament meeting. I have been coming every week with a question in mind and it is crazy how quickly God answers me. If I am paying attention. :) I know that our Heavenly Father answers prayers, and I am oh so grateful for it. It was also my 17 month birthday. I was not so excited about this one. haha It's just weird, hasn't really sunk in yet. I also asked Sister Hyoung what message she would leave with the people of Nashua before she gets transferred. She said to me,"That Christ's grace is sufficient." How wonderful is that? His grace is sufficient. Moroni 10:32 and Ether 12:26-27

Today we went blueberry picking. :D They also had farm animals.. Which includes GOATS! WOO!

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