Monday, July 14, 2014

Gods love for us is overwhelming.

It was a really good week. :) It will never cease to amaze me how much God loves. We went to Walden Pond today in Lexington MA for our pday. We woke up at 5, left around 5:30, and arrived around 6:30. :) The elders drove us. It was so beautiful. I got in the car afterwards and my heart became full of so much gratitude. Gods love for us is overwhelming. It fills my chest and makes me smile. So this week was great. :)

Monday: We ate dinner at the Nelson's. They own goats! You better believe there will be pictures. :) They are really sweet, good people. They let us feed their goats. :) Doesn't get much better than that.
Tuesday: I got to see a family from Belmont! The Sheffield's. :) It turns out that their parents are in the ward here. So that was cool. :) We also went to the soup kitchen. We have a couple new potential investigators, Ricky and Jeff. Ricky is Pentecostal and Jeff is Baptist. We are hopefully meeting with them tonight. Pray that they don't just Bible bash with us. :) haha

Wednesday: It was a busy day! We visited Sister O'Brien for her birthday. She is a firecracker. We met with Martha Cruzan, she rides motorcycles. :) Read scriptures with Lori, she is becoming one of my good friends. Ate dinner at the Coles, they have eight kids. Met with our recent convert Louann. :) Good day!
Thursday: Nothing too exciting. We weekly planned pretty much all day long. Which was good, it will make for a good week. :)
Friday: Taught Janice the ten commandments. :) She is finally out of the hospital and finally come to church on Sunday. Yay! I can't wait for you to meet her. :)
Saturday: We started volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. It's awesome. We work the cash register, which means we get to talk with everyone. :) I love it.
Sunday: JANICE CAME TO CHURCH! We were so excited! :D Best thing ever. She enjoyed it a lot and the members were so welcoming.  Such a relief. We also started teaching Lori's fiance, Danny! :D WOO!
I can't believe Zach is 17! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ZAAACCHHYYY-PPPPOOOO. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM. :D That's blows my stinking mind. I remember being the queen of 17 and now I am close to being 21.. AWH. :( I still picture Zach as a 14 year old. Did he get my package? I hope he likes the book. :) I didn't buy it, I found it in the lost and found and grabbed it before they threw all the stuff away. It looks really good. :) He is always gone for his birthday, huh? Scout camp would be the best birthday party ever. He will be gone and serving the Lord full time before we know it. That will be weird. I will be the best writer ever. :) haha

Walden Pond :)

The monument to Henry David Thoreau. 

He built a little cabin here and then lived in it for the reason that is on the sign :)  haha

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