Monday, July 21, 2014

We told her that all things are possible with God

I am doing well. :) My week was great, very busy. :) Jeff and Ricky didn't show up to our appointment.. We rescheduled twice and they bailed both times. That's okay though. :) They both have a copy of the Book of Mormon. I think they are going to read it one day. They are too curious not to. 
Janice wasn't able to come to church this past week. She wasn't feeling well. :( We had an awesome lesson with her though! A less-active came with us to help teach about the Holy Ghost. She taught a good chunk of the lesson. It was epic! :D 
Everyone here is well. :) I love the people. I love volunteering with Habitat! It's so much fun! The store manager is hilarious. Transfers are next week. It is crazy to think about! I am glad I chose the later transfer. I am definitely not ready to come home yet. Here is my week. :) On some days I have to tell you everything we did. haha
Monday: We ate dinner at the Ure's. Like I said earlier, Jeff and Ricky couldn't make it. It's alright though. :) We had a fun time with their family. Their daughter, Sadie, who is 3 I think, sat by me during dinner. Every time I'd put food in my mouth she would feel my cheeks and laugh. It was so cute. :)
Tuesday: We volunteered at the Soup Kitchen. The guy I was working with kept giving people extra food. We didn't have enough for everyone by the end. :( I do have to give him credit though, he was just trying to be helpful. We also went to the MaClean's. They are so excited to meet you guys. :)
Wednesday: Crazy day! We ate breakfast at Kelly Brock's house. She makes really good, healthy food. She used Almond Milk in her pancakes, which I should have guessed, and I didn't know until I ate them. I feel like I have an allergic reaction every week! It's crazy! So I took benadryl and almost feel asleep less-active hunting with a member. Sister Hyoung let me sit in the back. :) A lot of people were home this time around, so that was nice. Then we went to see Janice. :) We taught Danny, our new investigator, with Lorrie. Lorrie is recently coming back to church and Danny is her fiance. :) We ate dinner at Sister Favey's house. She takes such good care of us! I love her.
Thursday: We weekly planned with the elders at the park. It was fun and really nice outside. :) It hasn't been too humid lately.

Friday: SUCH A GOOD DAY! We went to the temple with a family in the ward. :) They were receiving their endowments. So exciting! Their family was baptized 5 years ago or so. :) I love the temple. It was the first time, in a long time, where I got a lot out of a session. I think it's because the session wasn't until 2 o'clock and I didn't have to wake up at 4 to be there on time. :) hahaha I came with so many questions and I felt like I tried really hard to pay attention. It was a beautiful experience. :D We rode with some awesome members. It was fun to spend time with them. :)
Saturday: We woke up early to move wood with a family in the ward. It was a lot of fun. :) So nice to be outside. Then we came home and showered super quick so we could head to Habitat. Then we went to visit with Lorrie. It was a powerful discussion. A few days earlier she had mentioned she was struggling and didn't know if she could come to church anymore. We went in there to feel things out and see what we could do. Her anxiety has been pretty bad. While we were sitting on the couch in silence, I was overcome with this feeling of love for her. We told her that all things are possible with God and that He is the ONLY way to peace. Sister Hyoung shared some powerful experiences. Overall, it was just so amazing. She texted us later that day and said that she felt so much better. We can't put a cap on what God can do. :D We went and ate lunch at the Wagaman's. Hilarious family. We had a "reception" for the family I mentioned from yesterday, the Candelario's. They were sealed as a family earlier in the day! :D AWH! We didn't get to go, but they were so happy afterwards. I remember doing that. :)
Sunday: We went to go visit Sister Bonkosky. She is in a Rehab center for health problems. I always feel the Spirit so strongly when I am with her. She definitely has that gift.

I am doing well today. :) We are going to a BBQ because some of the missionaries we serve with around here are going home next week. Suckers! haha  Wouldn't it be weird if I was coming home next week? yuck. haha  :D

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