Monday, June 2, 2014

All of our investigators are on fire! :)

I am doing well. :) Life in Nashua is good.
All of our investigators are on fire! :) Three of them are being baptized this Sunday. Bill, Kelly, and Louann. :) I am so excited! They have been so prepared for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be such a good day! 
Also! Arnold in Belmont was baptized and confirmed this past weekend! Ali is getting baptized on the 7th! How exciting huh!? :D Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much. 
Our other investigators are doing great! They are all progressing pretty well and we keep finding more! It's amazing what happens when you open your mouth. :) 
The temple on Monday was fantastic. We have been so busy. I feel like there is always so much to do. We get to spend a lot of time with members. Especially less-actives. I like working with less-actives. :) They are a lot of fun and it feels so good to see them come to church. I am trying my best to be someone the Lord can work through. :)
We had a zone conference on Friday to follow-up with the AMAZING meeting with Elder Holland. The meeting with Elder Holland changed my life. After he left, we all just stood there. Nobody wanted to leave.  President Packard taught us all he can put into words about personal revelation. It was awesome. I will try and send my notes. :) I wish I could describe how I feel, but it's just that. Feelings. It's hard to my feelings into words. I went on exchanges with the sisters in Billerica. It was a lot of fun, but it made me miss Nashua! I am grateful to be serving here. I feel like I can be me. :)
I love the bishop here. He just comes up to us and tells us how much he loves having sisters in his ward. It's so sweet. :) The members are really great too. 
Sister Hyoung is awesome! I love being her companion.. I think that she is going to be transferred though. Which is a bummer.. One more companion for me I guess. :) I think this will be my last area. I will "die" here.  :)  God is seriously hastening His work here. I don't think we understand the magnitude of what's happening or what's about to happen.

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