Monday, June 16, 2014

We are teaching and the Lord is sending His blessings :)

It is transfer week. I only have two more transfers left! 13 weeks! Can you believe that? AHHHHHHH. I am not sure how I feel about all of it.. I try not to think about it too much. :) Sister Hyoung and I are staying together. I would have gone less-active if President switched us.. (Just kidding). 
My last week was really good. We are so busy. I think this is the busiest I have ever been on my mission.. We have things to do all day long, good productive things. We are teaching and the Lord is sending His blessings. :) It's hard to type up all that has happened and all that we've done. I try to give highlights. But sometimes there are just too many. :) hahah So here are a few. I am going to try and write a miracle or good thing from everyday. :)

Monday: Well obviously, Brian and Kelly came to visit.. Oh how I love them. I feel so comfortable and happy when I am with them. Avery is such a cute little girl and so adventurous! I was impressed by all the things she was willing to crawl on and do. Kason is a stud muffin! He has the cutest hair cut. :)

Tuesday: We taught our investigator Janice about the Atonement. She is so stinking cute! I will have to try and get a picture of her for you guys.. She has been very prepared to heart the gospel. When I am teaching people about the Atonement, it reminds me of why I am here.. She has lived her life without hope and forgiveness.. Now, she is figuring it out. :) I love her.

Wednesday: We went less-active hunting with a member in the ward.. Afterwards she took us to eat Indian food.. I like Indian food! WHAT!? I ate so much though.. I felt awful afterwards.. We also saw the MaClean's.. They just make me so happy.

Thursday: So have are teaching two people named Ruben and Kael. They were introduced to the church through their family members (who are less-active). The elders are leading the teaching with the two boys, but we get to spend time with Lori and Ana.. Ruben's mom and sister. :) Kael's mom and grandma.. It is awesome! They are making such huge changes in their lives.. It's overwhelming to describe how much I love them.. It's a lot. :)

Friday: We had a scripture study with Sister Favey. We rent our apartment from her. :) She is a wonderful lady.. She is always leaving surprises for us in our apartment..

Saturday: We helped a less-active clean out the apartment she is trying to rent.. I steamed floors. :) It was fun.. We also saw our recent convert, Louann. She is going to help us teach Janice! It is going to be epic!

Sunday: Bill and Kelly were confirmed members of the church.. They are SO happy. They got good news that their granddaughter is going to be living with them (she's 10) and she will be coming to church with them. She is a cute little girl.

Today: We went and had a dance party in Hollister with our elders. :D Well more like we watched them dance..

All of my friends are leaving in the next few transfers! Elders Moser, Watson, and Cooney go home on Friday.. It's so weird! I love the missionaries in the MBM. No better place. :) 
Church yesterday was wonderful. I have always had a hard time getting into church. I have always looked at it as a long three hours with lots of distractions. Yesterday was different for me though. I decided I was going to prepare myself beforehand. I prayed and came with questions. I got so much out of the meeting and felt like the Spirit was so strong! IT WAS GREAT! 
Today is the perfect day. It's going to get really hot this week though. I am just grateful to have been kept from the humidity for this long. Blessings! :)

Scariest geese ever!!

The Larsens from the ward

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