Monday, September 16, 2013

Thought we heard a fishercat outside our door...

Good morning! :D
I am doing so great. I love this mission more and more everyday.  It's incredible.  Connecticut is wonderful. It is SO pretty here, we drove through a state park on our way to a dinner appointment yesterday and it was incredible.  I am so blessed to be here.

Our week was crazy!! We went on exchanges with the sisters in Westerly, Rhode Island on Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun.  We got up at 5 to teach early morning seminary.  I liked it. :)  I hope we get to do it in our ward sometime soon. We read 1 Nephi chapter 5 with them.  It went really well, there are only two kids in the class. The people over here would be so grateful to have seminary offered in school.  It is a blessing.  

We volunteered at an old folk's home and fed them lunch. :) Then for a work out, they did chair dancing.. It's not as crazy as it sounds.. They do aerobic exercises in their chairs.. We didn't participate. :) haha

I got to see the ocean! AHH! Then on Wednesday we drove to North Brookfield, Massachusetts to help with Zone Meeting training.  It was a long drive, but it was a lot of fun. :) I like training other missionaries because I feel like I learn more than they do.  I get so much out of it.

We met a lady who was baptized into the church 15 years ago and decided to go back to being a Catholic. I have never heard anyone do that before, but she is still friendly towards the church so we are visiting her Thursday. :) She fed us rhubarb.

We met a guy named Buffalo Bill Tail. He is suh-weet!

We had a mini missionary over the weekend, her name is Danielle.  She had some good questions, I hope she goes on a mission.

Friday we drove up to Groton, CT for interviews with the Mission President.  It was so great, he is fantastic. :) We were given some training that totally changed the way I will forever do things.  It was the greatest.

Yesterday was Sister Giblette's birthday. :) She is 21 now.  My companion is the best and the ward is awesome. :) We have two baptisms this weekend.  It will be really good.  Although, we only taught the girls two lessons maybe.  So we didn't do much. :)

Today we were going to hang out with our district, but we have to cut our pday short so we can meet with a family nobody has heard from in a long time.  It will be great if they don't cancel on us. :)

We are slowing turning into fall. The nights are pretty cold and the days don't really warm up all that much. The trees are starting to change colors too. :) The work is going GREAT.

Sister Giblette and I literally thought we heard a fishercat outside our door.  It was not cool and not a fishercat. Thank goodness.
I have never tried orange marmalade.. Sounds interesting. I hope it was good. :) I have accidentally ate more nuts on my mission than any other time in my life.. It's at least once a month now.. Kinda funny. :)

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