Monday, September 30, 2013

Sister Wives? HA! :)

The last two weeks have been crazy! It is getting chilly, this week is supposed to warm up though. You can send me my thermals if you'd like. :) 

For the first time on my mission we were called sister wives by a less-actives husband.  

We went to the DMV to renew Sister Giblette's license, I thought it would be really cool to get a CT license. It cost her 120 dollars, so I changed my mind. :) 

We met a less-active who said that us dropping in on her is exactly what she needed to come back to church and then she didn't come.

I realized that I talk about my mom a whole lot. :) I bring her up as an example of things in almost every lesson. 

I was almost eaten by a massive pit bull. 

I got to spend this last Wednesday in Central Falls. :) It was really good to be back there, I missed it.. It was fun to know where everything was and who the people were too. 

We met and incredible potential investigator. She is so great and I can't wait to spend some more time with her. :) 

I got to paint a porch and eat deer.. I ate deer!  I have successfully avoided clam chowder thus far.

The RS broadcast was fantastic! We had two of our investigators there. It was perfect because the whole thing talked about making and keeping covenants. 

I had this overwhelming feeling on Saturday of how much I love our Savior. I have grown a deeper understanding of what He did for us and what it really means for each of us. It's wonderful. He is wonderful. :) 

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