Monday, September 1, 2014

Heavenly Father is blessing us with so much work. :D

The MBM is awesome. :) Lots of people out and about today.. It's really nice outside. We tried to go apple picking, but it doesn't start until next week.. So maybe we'll try then. :) Our week was wonderful! I feel like Heavenly Father is constantly teaching and comforting me about this whole going home in 10 DAYS thing. I feel like He is constantly reminding me to trust in Him and everything will be alright. I think the reason I am so bummed to leave my mission is because this is the happiest we, as a family, as ever been. I have never been so happy. :) I know that it won't go away.. I don't know. Does that make sense? Anyways. He has brought me a lot of peace and comfort this past week.. I feel like He has me in a warm blanket. :) He has also reminded me that I need to be grateful for this time. So, so grateful. This has been the greatest 18 months of my life. :) I am so wicked excited to see you guys.. SO EXCITED!

Monday: We ended pday early to go and spend some time with a family in our ward. They have had it really rough the past few years and the mom just got really sick. We went to help cook dinner and be a sound board for their daughter. :) It was fun. I love them. We also got two new investigators! Jenny and Jaddy. We though she was saying daddy when she first told us her name.. :) They are AWESOME. Becky (who we found last Sunday is Jenny's daughter). Becky's kids also started to sit in on the lessons. They are the cutest. The boys want to to learn about God so badly, but their dad won't let them come to church.. So we will teach them as long as he lets us. :)

Tuesday: I spent the day in Billerica with Sister Nielson. It was a lot of fun! We saw Sister Sheldon. I love Sister Sheldon. She is preparing to go to the temple on Sept 27th.. I am barely missing it.. :( Such a bummer, but I am so proud of her. She has come so far..

Wednesday: 18 MONTHS! We got frozen yogurt to celebrate. :) We also moved mattresses up and down some stairs. It was fun. :) We ate dinner at the Noel's and for their commitment they issued a challenge to someone else in the ward.. They get points for inviting people to certain things. The ultimate goal is to have someone for us to teach in their home. :) We'll see who wins.

Thursday: It was nice enough that we got to plan in the park. :) We spent most of the day doing that now that we have so many people to teach.. Heavenly Father is blessing us with so much work. :D

Friday: MY LAST DISTRICT MEETING. So weird. It was a really busy day. We taught Becky and Jenny again. :) Becky's little boy Saida gave us a big hug before we left. It was adorable.

Saturday: Sister Williams planned the day.. It went well. :) We went to Habitat. We saw Becky's husband there! Wicked awkward.. haha We also taught Danny. :) He wants to be baptized, but has to get married first.. A lot has to happen before they can get married. It is hard to get other people to act on my faith.. haha Does that make sense?

Sunday: Today was crazy! I felt like we were running around like maniacs.. Which is a good problem for missionaries. :) We had church, which was good. That's where the Lord reminded me to be grateful.. I'll tell you that story.. NEXT WEEK! AHH! Anyways. Then we went to lunch at Sister Orton's. She is one of my favorites. :) We then drove to Lowell, MA to teach Kaitlyn. It was good to see her again. She is a rock star.. We ran around the rest of the night stopping at places, grabbing things, dropping it off at other places, and setting monthly goals. MY LAST MONTHLY GOALS!
Isn't that awesome!  I had to take a picture!!

Happy 18 months!!

Sister Staley, Sister Nielsen, Sister Williams, and I :)

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