Monday, May 20, 2013

I had pasta with bacon in it!

My week was hectic! Last week we played baseball with tennis rackets and tennis balls.  It was so much fun!

I had my first zone conference and it was so good. We are so blessed out here to have the leaders that we do. Our zone leaders bought us donuts and made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to make sure we got protein.. It was nice of them!

Our investigator that was supposed to be baptized this weekend is being moved to June 15th, she finally opened up and said she wants to know the BOM is true first. Go her, plus she finally understands the Word of Wisdom. Originally she said she didn't want to follow it because it would make her feel like a baby. :) She is funny.  Our investigator is the only one in her family that is really interested in the church. BUT on Sunday her 19 year old son came with her!? Can you imagine my excitement!?

I was on splits in Boston and we were visiting less-actives in their ward. We got in contact with one and she said that she stopped going to church because she felt like people were trying to control her mind, she mentioned she was mentally handicapped. Then she started saying really bad cuss words and that someone stole her VCR. She made me nervous, so we left.  We are reactivating a lady in our ward, she hasn't been to church for 30 years! Splits are so much fun. :)

The coolest things happened to me on Saturday! I had a question about the Spirit World and the souls who are stuck in the state of prison. I found a good explanation that helped me a lot in D&C 138.  Now here is the cool part.  I went to read the BOM, just at the point where I left off in my last personal study and I was on Alma 42 and vs 1 was total revelation.  Heavenly Father knew I would have that question and made sure that I was on that chapter that day.  I was so excited!

After Stake Conference we went to visit a media referral - a media referral is when someone goes on the and either refers themself or someone else and then they send it to us so we can go visit them. :) - and before we went into the house we sat outside and called some people.  We have gone to the house before and we met the referral's mom, and she was not very nice to us and told us that her daughter wasn't interested.  Being missionaries, that's not a good enough answer so we had to go back so we could hear it from the daughter.  While we were sitting in our car the mom came down her long driveway and started walking towards our car.  We freaked out and drove away, we parked farther down the street so we could finish planning and she started walking down the street towards us! I think that she took down our plates. She probably now thinks we are stalking her. :) haha oh well.

I can't believe Sister Monson passed away. It is really sad. :( I bet it is heartbreaking but he (President Monson) is so close to the Spirit World that I bet he still sees her while he is in the temple. :)

We ate at a member's home and they make steak, chicken, potatoes, and corn every single night for dinner. Dinner is always at 6:30 too. :) They are funny.  I had pasta with bacon in it yesterday! :D (Since I have been gone) I had a little bit of bacon in the MTC and an even smaller amount mixed in with some brussel sprouts.. I tried brussel sprouts!  Brussel sprouts are good with bacon. :)  This is the first major event that bacon has played on my mission though. :)  I should ask my members for breakfast. :) haha It would be interesting to see bacon jerky.. It looks kinda gross in my mind. haha

I drove some more in Boston and it isn't as scary as it once was. :)  I am becoming a Boston driver. Utah better watch out! 

I found them (the flowers) outside a house in Boston and I had to take a picture of them. :) I wish I knew what they were called.

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