Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Month Birthday

So this week was a lot of fun. I spent some time on Tuesday in Worcester (you say it like Woo-Stah) and I got to help a less active plant a garden! It was so much fun. :) I missed doing one this year. She was impressed that I wasn't afraid to dig in the cow manure mixed with dirt. I hope it grows. :)  I finally got to have a real life work out, I biked three miles. It felt so good!  It rained so much the last few days! Holy wow. Everything is so green now though, it's awesome. 
I am obsessed with eating vanilla wafers in milk.  It didn't replace my apples and peanut butter. :) it's up there though. I tried flan and borscht.  I am not really a fan of either. haha Big surprise I am sure. :) 
We are going on a ton of exchanges, it is a lot of fun.  Exchanges are the same as splits. :) Sister Wagner is one of the sisters we are assigned to train, she is serving in Boston. That's our mini. :) I was on splits for most of the time that she was here.. So I don't know her very well. 
Starting on the left with the Sisters... That's our mini missionary, then my companion, then me :)
Starting on the left with Elders... That's my zone leader, their mini missionary, and my other zone leader :)  Funny guys
Funny story, I was on exchanges in Boston and we were teaching some recent converts. They are all under the age of 20 and their mom is not a member. Sister Wagner went to give the mom a huge hug before we left and afterwards we found out that she is a huge racist (she is from Haiti). Awkward.  Also while we were sleeping the night before Sister Wagner farted so loud that it woke me up, three times.  It's already week five of the transfer, next week I will be getting a new companion and possible a new area.  Scary! I find out on Saturday. :)  
I made a Plan of Salvation object lesson and it's pretty nifty if I do say so myself. :)  For the Plan of Salvation object lesson I just cut out little shapes and stuff for a visual. :) I guess it's not really an object lesson.. I'll take a picture and send it next week. :) 
We got the best phone call ever on Friday! One of our investigators called us and said the she knows it's true and that she can't wait to be baptized. :) Rubi is the person who decided to get baptized. :) I LOVE HER! You would too. :)  We moved her baptism date to the 8th of June. We also finally met her husband!! Please take a moment to stop and dance around, that is exciting stuff. :D She also asked for a blessing, she said I am not sure what it is, but I know it will help me. What faith. :)
Our new Bishop is FANTASTIC. He is all over missionary work and can't wait to get the ward more involved. Oh and fun fact, my new Bishop's Uncle is named Gerald Lund. The guy who wrote the Work and the Glory series.. He also wrote the Alliance! :) Small world.
I have tried this new thing where every Sunday I try to pray for 30 minutes in the morning before my studies. I pray individually for our investigators and write down any revelation that comes. It's awesome, sometimes 30 minutes isn't even enough time.. :)  Yesterday we got to go to the Temple. It was so amazing. It's crazy how everything is magnified now that I am on a mission. I also got to take a two hour nap. :) Woo!
The people here are so patriotic and so into all the holidays. I got to watch a two hour parade yesterday. You know how much I love parades. :)  
We were in Watertown watching the parade which is where they caught the bomber.. Cool stuff. :)
The coolest bridge in the world
I went to the doctors and he asked me if I had been squeezing limes recently.  At first I wasn't sure but then I remembered that about a month ago that I cut and juiced about 10 limes.  He said that lime juice makes your skin sensitive to sunlight and that I just have a really dark tan/sunburn.  The mission doctor thought that was odd so I am supposed to call him on the 13th to check in with him.  Good news is that it's not leprosy. :) haha.  
Just so you know, I will be emailing you on Tuesday of next week as well. :) I have a bunch of meetings I have to go to on Monday next week. :)

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