Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rhode Island Here I Come!!

So as a matter of fact I am being transfered to serve in Central Falls, Rhode Island, on Thursday.  IS IT REALLY UNCLE BRIAN'S WARD!?  I thought it might be but I wasn't totally sure.  I am SO excited. :D I will be training a new missionary in a new area.  Should be interesting.  I can't believe that's Uncle Brian's ward. Whoa.  I wonder if President Packard knows.  He'd be so excited. :)  I'll have to tell him today.  I think this is a major answer to prayers too.  A huge one.

This past week was crazy!  I was on splits in Boston for most of it which was a lot of fun.  I feel like I have two sets of investigators. :)  We have a new investigator and she is so awesome!  She is a recovering alcoholic and so solid. Crazy story with her, we wanted to have a member come to the lesson with us.  We have a member in our ward who is also a recovering alcoholic.  We tried to invite her, but it didn't work and was too short notice. A few days later our investigator texted us and said she wanted to see us again and that we had a friend in common.  The member we wanted to bring to the lesson is friends with our investigator already!  Our investigator told us that they were driving and passed the Boston temple when the member, Jaime, said,"Hey that's my church's temple." Then our investigator asked what church she belonged to and when she found out it was this church she almost died.  She told Jaime that her saying that was an answer to a prayer and that this is the church she wants to be apart of!  How cool is that!?

I am SO nervous for the transfer.  I will be in a new area for sisters and I have to train.  It will be a lot of work, I hope I can remember to do it all. I can't wait though.  This area will be everything I make it to be.  I am sad to be leaving Weston 2, I love this ward so much.  I also love the people we're teaching.  My companion and I mush so well together.  I hope my next companion and I are the same.  We have so much fun and have grown pretty close.  I will miss her.  I will also miss the elders I get to work with.  They are THE BEST.  I have no idea who my new companion will be.  President hasn't even decided yet.  He interviews them today and tomorrow and then he decides. 
Rubi is being baptized on the 15th, too bad I'll be all the way in Rhode Island.  :( Oh well.  I am bummed about Rubi too. :(   I didn't tell her. :(  I couldn't..  It made me too sad.  I do have to get used to it. This is mission life. :) I have already learned so much, I can't wait for more.
It is so hot here now.  Think Utah heat with 90% humidity.  It's fun. :) Oh and I may or may not have cut 3 inches off my hair.

Have you ever read the talk in the Ensign that is about Adam and Eve being equal in the garden?  It is so good.  I think it's in the March or April Ensign.  It's so true, women are just as important.  My Bishop here explained it in a way I really liked.  He said that women come here with a natural ability to love, serve and to bless others.  Men don't have that, the Priesthood is the way they can connect in ways that women already do.  Cool huh. :)  I totally agree that women should feel like they belong.  The RS is the oldest running women's organization in the world. :)  The temple is an amazing place. I love teaching people about it. I don't like it when people fight against things they think are man's law.  The fact that only men hold the Priesthood is God's law.  They aren't fighting against man, they are fighting against God.

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