Monday, June 10, 2013

Sisters get all the dinner appointments....

This week has been SO much fun. :)  I don't even know where to begin.  I am living in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and my chapel is in Pawtucket. :)  So far it has been wonderful.  The members are calling us to set up splits and appointments.  I love it!  The new bishop is so funny.  He knows how to get down to business, he had a list of things for us to do before we even got there.  I like him a lot.  My new companion is awesome. Her name is Sister Hurst.  She is 22 and from St. Louis, Missouri.  Training has been a lot of fun. :) Sometimes I forget that she just got here.  We have a lot to do, so planning hasn't been stressful yet. :)  which is nice.

Sister Hurst and Sister Kendall

We are teaching our first investigator tonight together.  It will be a lot of fun I think.  I also spoke at the musical fireside on Saturday.  It is something that the missionaries put on and it travels all over the mission. Only full time missionaries perform, so you can imagine the sweet Spirit that comes from it.  I was supposed to write about an experience in my life that changed the way I lived.  I wrote first about a talk I read once and then Sister Jordan made me change it to something more personal so I talked about dad.  I will have to send it to you.  I had everyone crying, including myself.  I have heard that it helped a lot of people though, which is what I was hoping for.  I talked to a lady who asked me how I came to terms with dad's death because she needed help doing the same.  She has my number, hopefully she calls. :)  I am glad that our struggles and triumphs are able to help other people.  It does make it more worth it, times 100%

Elder Moser (old Zone Leader and best person ever), Sister Kendall and Sister Hurst

 I have met two people that I knew before my mission.  Crazy huh!?  It's really cool though.  Church was awesome, it is in an old bank building so it's very different than a normal church house.  We get to teach gospel principles every other week with the elders.  The elders we are working with are named Elder Vargas and Elder Lopes.  They are both from Brazil and they are great missionaries.  They weren't excited about sisters though because they are afraid we'll take all of their dinner appointments.  I told them not to worry. :) OH AND GUESS WHAT!?  Elder Vargas was baptized by someone in our family.  What the?   It is crazy that I am working with someone that our family baptized. It's cool stuff. :)

My "sunburn" is going away. :)  No worries.  I cut 3 inches off my hair because it was all dead and nasty.. Now I have layers and it is so soft. :D

I did get the GPS.  It is adorable! :D  I love it so much.  One of the elders in my old area let me borrow his until I got one of my own.  So, crisis avoided. :)

President Packard is so excited that I am living in their ward (Brian and Kelly).  He said it is truly inspired and he almost sent me to Merimack, NH but he kept getting a prompting to send me here.. Hmm. :)   I did get to go visit Brian on Saturday.  It was SO good to see them.  Avery and Kason are adorable and I got big hugs from both of them. :)  President likes people to stay in one area for 6-9 months.  It's been hard though with all the new missionaries and the new areas they have had to open.  I could (stay for 9 months in this area). :D This area is going to be my baby.. I would love to stay here for as long as I can! :D

Stephen is the husband of my first convert De De. He is hilarious and we always made such fun of each other.  He is a softy and cried when I left.  I think he misses me more than De De does. :)

Stephen and De De and Sister Kendall
Sister Kendall and Sister Calder

The Dowlings with Sister Kendall from the Weston 2 Ward (they were kind enough to let Sister Kendall skype from their house for 2 hours on Mother's Day!!)

Donna (in the middle) bought the Sisters their Boston Strong t-shirts

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