Monday, July 22, 2013

It is funny that it is nice when it's 80 degrees out. :)

My week was fantastic! :D

They rocked our zone with transfers.  More than half of us left.  It was crazy!

I was called as a sister training leader so I am basically a female zone leader except I cover lots of zones. :) I go around and train the sisters on how to be better proselyters and I also help them with any emotional problems.  Sister Hurst will come to all the meetings with me, she is like a sister trainer but without the calling.  I think I will be in this area for a long time.  Do you remember Makelle Bailey from Murray? She was called to this mission and arrived in the last transfer, she is one of the sisters I get to train! Cool huh? :)

The baptisms yesterday were so wonderful. :) They were hectic because there were two of them and another one right after from another ward so we had to get things going.  One of the girls was baptized by her crush, took a lot of courage on her part. :)  She's awesome.  I lover her so much!  It was his first baptism. :) and no it wasn't an elder, just a priest in the ward. 

The weather went from 104 to 80 with humidity.  So hot.  It is funny that it is nice when it's 80 degrees out. :)

haha I love telling people my first name because they think it's so cool.  Thanks for that one mom. :)

One of the elders that moved to a new area left all of his clothes here in Central Falls.  How he forgot?  Who knows.  We had to meet up with his zone leaders so that we could give it to them and it just so happened that they were my old district and zone leader!  It made me happy to get to see them. :)

It is going well with the french speaking investigator.  We are teaching a new investigator from him as well. He speaks english, thankfully. :)  He said he wants to be baptized in a few months, I guess Hatians have no sense of urgency.  We had an investigator accept a baptismal date and then she came to church yesterday and didn't have such a great experience.  She said that there were some rude kids sitting behind her in Sunday school that wouldn't stop talking and that the lesson in YW's was just them passing around the scriptures and reading from them so she had no idea what was going on.  We are hoping we can fix it tomorrow.  We are not sure how yet, hopefully just address her concerns and then let her know it won't always be like that.  I'm not worried though. :)

Somebody donated the bikes to the mission. How sweet huh?

Mosiah chapter 7 is my favorite. :)  It has a lot of good things in it.  I had never thought of the Sacrament as a time to receive revelation either.  I like that. :) I need some more of it.  The Sacrament is such a blessing, when taken worthily it is like being baptized every week.  How cool is that!?  I really like Mo-tab now too. They have such cool voices.

I forgot that the 24th is Pioneer day.  I will have to have a mini celebration with myself. :) We are going duckbowling today with some of our members.  It will be fun!

Sister Shea and Sister Arsenault.  I love them :)  It was Sister Shea's one year since she was diagnosed with cancer and she is now cancer free, so we had FHE with her and Sister Arsenault

We stuffed Elder Henry into a garbage can...

This is Elder Meservy, Lopes, and Santos

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