Monday, July 1, 2013

Tell everyone I love them...

I am doing great. Mission life is good. :) My sunburn is still there. I was outside all day last Monday so it got re-burned. It looks funny. :) 
My companion is doing well, I think. She seems to be doing a lot better than before. I am proud of her. We have been pretty busy.  I finished the journal you gave me for Christmas. Woo Woo. :) 
I also got a 4th of July package! YOU ARE THE BEST. :D How did you keep that a secret? I am impressed. :) 
My Fourth of July package!!!!

My duck face to go with my new patriotic duck

We taught our 13-15 year old investigators about garments because they had so many questions about them. They are all so excited to get to wear them! They asked where they can get some so they can start practicing for the temple. :) How fantastic are they? 
Did I tell you that we have no hot water? We are taking showers in the pool house. :) haha it's funny.. 
We got to do some service at a members house. It was fun to get to be outside and dig in the dirt. On Saturday we got to help the YW make dinners for their camp. It was a lot of fun and we got some free food out of it. :)
Have you ever had cheese made out of rice? I have. It tastes like cheese.  :) haha I also almost had to eat codfish. Dodged that bullet. :) The codfish was from a lady who used to live in Angola. :)  Rhode Island has been acting like Washington State the last few days. It is foggy and there is a constant misty rain. I LOVE it. :) 
I was told by an elder on Friday that I have done more manly things in my life than he has. Compliment? I am not sure how to take that. The same day we saw a sumo wrestler.  It was... Interesting. :) 
Our ward mission leader gave a talk on missionary work at church on Sunday. He gave out a challenge to the men and women that whoever went on the most splits with the missionaries got to have a pancake breakfast made by the losers. We are going to win. :) I'm not even worried.  There has been a lot of responsibility put on the members. It's up to you guys to find people for us to teach. :) You should read The Power of Everyday Missionaries. It will change your life, I've read it three times. :)  Now is definitely the time. :)
Our investigator was baptized on Sunday! It was so great. She is so great. I am so proud of her. Her mom and sister came to support her and are planning on attending all three hours of church tomorrow! :D 
Carmen was baptized!!

We have two more on the 14th of July. :D Same day as Zach's birthday.  It's all the Lord, He is preparing these people and then dropping them into our laps.. I will try to leave some work. :)
Oh and on Saturday we went to visit a less active that nobody in our ward knows. The lady who answered the door didn't have any pants on. So we left. :) haha
I have decided that my favorite thing to teach about is prayer. I love prayer so much. The more I study it, the more excited I get about it. 
Brian and Kelly are good. We had dinner with them a few nights ago and I taught a lesson about the Holy Ghost. It went pretty well. :) Aunt Kelly made really yummy spaghetti..
I wish we had fun plans for the fourth. I am not sure about what we are allowed to do. I hope I am in Boston for the fireworks, they are supposed to be life changing. We just got permission to stay out past curfew and watch some fireworks in our area. :D Cha-ching!
I am SO glad that you guys watched that broadcast. It was so good! So good. It was really good to see President Monson. :) Elder Anderson has a really soothing voice. President Packer is really old, I had this sad feeling that that might be the last time we hear from him. I sure hope not. I am glad that "couples church" wasn't too bad. :) I bet your lesson was fantastic! It is good to hear that church was so good yesterday. :) I bet Justin's talk was really good. I like that guy a lot.. Where is he going on his mission? I like the football reference. I have heard that before. We know the end score of the game, so why are others still rooting for the losing team? I really like President Allred. I am glad he remembers me. :) He is sweet. :D That makes me happy. 
Tell everyone I love them
Those are my cool new nerd socks! Weren't they the greatest find EVER!?

Found them (like a true science nerd) at a comic book store

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