Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We are getting bikes tomorrow :D

My week was fantastic. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZACH! 
I got so many cute post cards in the mail from the grand tetons! That was so sweet of you guys. :) I love them. I got a super sweet letter filled with testimonies that girls wrote at girl's camp! :) I am excited to pass them out. I also got letters from two girls in Primary. :) It was the sweetest thing in the world! They are so cute. :) 
We taught the Restoration to 3 Pentecostal teenagers.. It was fun. :) 
So I have a few stories to describe the area that I am in serving here. It is nuts. :) So we were looking for less-actives and three of them lived on the same street so we got to walk. Which was nice.  We saw a fish head, a dead bird, and dried frog legs one after the other.  There was a smell. haha 
We have a single lady in the ward who is letting a homeless drug addict live in her home. She kicked him out on Sunday because he wouldn't come to church with her. 
There was also a lady who lost her job last Wednesday and instead of being sad she said, "It's like a relationship with a guy that you don't really like, yet he blindsided you by dumping you.  It's just a really inconvenient break-up. Who am I going to hang out with tomorrow?  More importantly who is going to pay for dinner? :) haha 
Also, we had a little Spanish lady come out with us to an appointment. The person we were supposed to see was not home when we got there. The little Spanish lady looked me right in the eye and said, "I'm going to find her tonight and I'm going to kill her." Uhh not a good idea. I am hoping she wasn't serious, but we talked her out of that idea.
We got one of our investigators to accept baptism when before she just wanted to learn about many different religions. :) The Spirit is an incredible converter. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew this week. It is so powerful. :) 
I am going to be here for another transfer, which I am super happy about. I hope I am here for a while, this area is my baby.  My companion is doing well.. She is a really great teacher and testifier. We don't have anything too exciting planned for the week except for our baptisms. :D We have so much to do. I am doing really good. Don't worry about me. :) Oh and by the way. I was called to be a Sister Training Leader.

I spent three hours on Saturday having no idea what was going on. I was in a lesson where they only spoke french and then went to a dinner where they only spoke Portuguese.  I was almost fed chicken gizzard, dodged that bullet. Two of our investigators had their baptismal interviews yesterday. One is so ready, we are kinda worried about her older sister. She'll be ready by Sunday though. :) I ate two dinners yesterday.

We are getting bikes tomorrow! :D 
I think it's funny that he (Brian sent pics of Jani, him, and his kids last Thursday) sent you those pictures. :) I took a string and made an obstacle course throughout their house, it was the iron rod.. The person on the iron rod had to be blind folded and the people on the outside had to help guide them. It was fun! :) It is going well with them, I am going to talk to them on Saturday to figure out where they are and if I can help them..

He has the same mission president (Sister Porter's relative was called to the same mission, Portuguese speaking). President Packard covers all the missionaries called to the MBM. :) The elders in our ward are Portuguese speaking. We translate our meetings at church because there are so many people who speak only Portuguese. It's awesome. :)
I bet your lesson about the temple went so well. Our family knows very well the blessings that come from the temple. :) I love the temple. You have some really good kids in your class. That's so cool. :) Ten kids is a lot, I think the primary here has a total of 10-15 kids. Teaching primary is the best, but being in your class is better. :)

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