Monday, May 19, 2014

So many prayers will be answered these next few days I think

So NH is wonderful! The weather is perfecto. :) 
I feel like a lot has happened. We volunteer at the soup kitchen. It's awesome! The people that volunteer there are a lot of fun. We also have an wonderful bishop. His name is Bishop Nelson. He is so tender hearted and really cares about the people here. 
We met with the coolest lady in the world! Her name is Sister O'Brien. She is a member and so stinkin' funny! She was born blind, but does not let that stop her. She has such funny stories. I love her. :) 
We had dinner with our investigators Luci and Crystal. We taught them about the Restoration. :) Crystal (10) said that she has already prayed and knows that it is all true. She is such a good example to Luci, her momma. I love them both! They are so much fun! 
We had really good member lessons and I have been able to implement some of the things I learned about member missionary work in Belmont to this area. Everyone can share the gospel! :) We had lots of people come to church. Just so good. :) We met this woman named Janice while we were heading to a members home. She started crying and telling us that she wants to be forgiven and be able to have fun again. It was so sweet! She agreed to let us come and see her, so we are going by this week. 
Today we went around some of the stores in Belmont.. I bought a binder for all my letters to keep them all organized and in one spot. Life is so good. :) I love Sister Hyoung. I don't really have much to tell even though a lot happened..

We get to go to the temple next Monday. :D I can't wait, I need it. Elder Holland is coming to our mission Friday too! So many prayers will be answered these next few days I think.
Sister Hurst, Me, Elder Bloomfield, Elder Meservy

I got a package of dried fruit!!

Dad's favorite's from the 7-11 :)  In loving memory...

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