Monday, May 5, 2014

Can't wait for my new adventures in Nashua :D

SO guess what!? I am being transferred. AHH! I am so bummed to be leaving Belmont. :( I have really come to love and enjoy the work here. I know that I am being sent where I am needed though. :) I am heading to Nashua, New Hampshire!! :D I have had the blessing of serving in so many states! I am very excited. :)  My new companion is Sister Hyoung. I will miss Sister Shields, but she will do great things here in Belmont.  My new companion actually lived with me in Belmont for a few weeks. :) She is wonderful! I am not sure on the details yet, more to come next week! :D

We have taught fun lessons lately. We taught seminary this morning, and that was fun. I really enjoy seminary. It was a huge turning point for me and the gospel, so I have a huge testimony of the power seminary has. :) We taught about the Lord's covenant people (us) and what our responsibilities are as covenant keepers. It's a big job, but God doesn't make us do it on our own. :) We also taught a women who believes in aliens about the pre-earth life.  She is such a good person and really liked the idea of life before here. We helped an Atheist clean her kitchen. We had a wonderful lesson with our investigator, Susan. She is so wonderful. :) She always talks about how the things she hears about the gospel resonates with her, like she has heard it before. :) I love it. Her fiance sat in on the lesson and shared some powerful spiritual experiences. We have been so busy, I don't even have time to type all the things we did. :) haha

Sunday was a good day. I haven't had to speak in a long time. It's kinda nice. I feel like the people have to listen from me all the time. :) I don't usually get up and bear my testimony. I really like listening to others. I really like testimony meetings. It was harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye to some of the people here in Belmont. I love them so much. :( It will be okay though. I can't wait for my new adventures in Nashua.

 We are having dinner with our ward mission leader tonight from the first ward.. I told him I was leaving and he said," I refuse to believe that."

SO sad. :( I will miss these guys a lot.

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