Monday, March 18, 2013

Word from Needham...

I am loving it here so far. Missions are FANTASTIC

My address for at least the next six weeks is 757 Highland Avenue #212S Needham, MA 02494.. That's my first area. :) so if you'll let everyone know, that'd be wonderful!

I am so happy to hear that the year end show went so well and that you were able to be there. I thought about them that day and was bummed that I missed it. I am sure it was wonderful. :)  It feels good to know that I have been such a positive influence on them. I would definitely support the decision to go on a mission. It is the BOMB! :)

I am doing so great. I am happy and in love with the people and the area. We are about 2 minutes away from the mission home, which is nice. We are about 20 minutes outside Boston, but it is covered in our area. :)

I love my companion (from Orange Co. CA) and the weather is sunny but it's windy so it is pretty chilly. I LOVE my coat, go mom. :) I have just been going to work. We really focus on members here and so we have taught a lot of members about their member missionary work and it is so important!

I don't have to drive. :) My companion is the DD so that is so nice! Driving here is intense! It is so scary and we would be lost without a GPS. Speaking of which, I might need one in the distant future.. Driving with the Elders is scary, they are so bold!  I do have to get my own GPS.. Better than having to buy a bike though. :) I can't wait to get some letters. I love my mission president. He is incredible and so is his family. They were overwhelmed because of transfer week, but I think they are more excited than anything. :)  They are wonderful people and so strong in the gospel. They are some of the greatest people I have ever met.  They are so loving and so giving. I am very blessed. :)

I love it here so much. It's true when they say that the people are more than prepared for us. We hope to have 4 baptisms set up for March 30, so cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers. :) It'll happen I'm sure. :) I met and Apostle on Saturday. :) Elder Ballard, I shook his hand!  He came and spoke to the missionaries..I also met the smartest man in the world.. His name is Clayton Christensen and we are basically best friends because I shook his hand and we had a conversation. :) haha He is a mormon, so my question is why is everyone else not a mormon?

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