Monday, March 25, 2013

Baptisms and Old Folks Home

My week has been amazing! We committed someone to baptism, who a week ago she didn't even want to come to church anymore. The change was overnight and it is a night and day difference. She is so happy and her husband, who was baptized a year and a half ago, couldn't be more excited! The Lord's timing is incredible. :) She passed her interview and is being baptized on March 30 at 3:00pm. It will be such a good day. Their family is so funny, I love her husband. They are both really loud, really opinionated, they always fight and give each other a hard time, but they love each other so much.

Another person that we are teaching is so solid, she loves church, is reading the BOM, and keeps asking us to come back. Her husband, who is not a member, told her that she is basically Mormon and she needs to stop kidding herself. :) haha

I gave a talk on Sunday in sacrament. :) It was on Psalms 46:10 and people really enjoyed it.. It is the scripture that says," Be still and know that I am God." It reminded me of Grandma. :) We had a few investigators in the meeting, so it was good to have a chance to teach them in that setting. We have a ton going on and I couldn't be happier. :)

The Atonement is such an incredible thing. Teaching people about it and how they can use it to repent and completely change their lives is wonderful. It's my favorite thing to teach.  The Lord's hand is in all things, it is so incredible. I have made a point to write down 3 miracles and 7 things I am grateful for everyday. :) I think it is important to notice that all the good things in our life are from God, so they are definitely blessings. :)

So we live at what used to be an old folks home. :) So we are surrounded by old people.. It's great. They have movie nights across the hall, so we had walkers parking outside our door. :) Though you'd get a kick out of that..

That is the Boston temple and my companion. I absolutely love her. :) the other day we were laughing so hard she had water come out of her nose.. I am just doing the best I can. :)
So we are teaching a Presbyterian Pastor. She gave up hating the Mormons for lint so she decided to meet with us.. It was intimidating, but she was really sweet. :) she wants to watch conference and is supposedly reading the BOM. She thinks God's people should work together not against each other. She said she has no plans to be converted, we have different plans. :)  She was happy to find out we are Christians. :)  So many people think we aren't Christians. I just want to say, our church is named the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. :) Silly people. We met someone last night who told us he was just looking for that childlike happiness and doesn't want to be old and bitter anymore. My companion and I were like, hello prepared for us much? :) 

We are meeting a new investigator at an Easter egg hunt on the 30th before the baptism and then we are just going to church and a members home for dinner on Sunday. :) I like the idea of having it focused totally on Christ Sunday.

Pics from the MTC:


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