Monday, October 28, 2013

Time is FLYING by

My week was good, nothing too exciting. We met with some new people from our ward, which was really good. I tried fried plantanes. They were pretty good, interesting. 
We went on exchanges with the sisters in Westerly, RI.  They have no heater, wood floors and so many windows.  I feel so bad for them!  We ended up turning the oven on to heat the apartment. 
We spent some time making invitations for our investigator Miriam's baptism. She is getting baptized on November 10th. 
We went to visit a less-active in Plainfield.  When we pulled up she was outside with her kids.  The minute she saw us she booked it inside.  It was so funny!  We won't bother her anymore.
We helped some women in our ward move.  They had about two weeks notice and 19 years worth of stuff to move.  It was good fun. :) 
Okay, so on Saturday we had a baptism of an 8 year old named Chloe.  After the baptism there were six boxes of 16 cookies each left over.  They always make us take the cookies home!!  So we decided to hand them out as we did stop bys.  Towards the end of the night we stopped by Sister Stiggle's house and she told us that the primary were eating cookies the next day and that they had already brought them to the church.  Sister Giblette and I left that lesson freaking out!  We gave so many of those cookies away.  So I went home and made some cookies.  We brought them to church the next day and the primary said that they had their cookies.  The ones we took were extras!!  We gave boxes of them away at church.  It was funny. :) 
Sister Kendall and Chloe
I have a bruise on my nose from blowing it so much. -.- 
The cider is so delicious. :)


I can't believe that I am almost half way done! Time is FLYING by.

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