Monday, November 25, 2013

The Quest for the Brass Plates

Life in Norwich is fantastic. :) I am absolutely loving my mission. The people here are incredible. The Lord has blessed me so much and I could not imagine being anywhere else. I still have moments where I am thinking in my head," it would be so cool if I could tell my future kids and grand kids that I went on a mission." Then it hits me that I will be able too. :) It's funny to me. The only bad thing is that it is so cold!! We have no snow, but we have wind chill and humidity.  Blah. 
We are going to three different houses for Thanksgiving.  AHH!  So much food.  We are going to a members home first, then the next two are at potential investigators houses.  It will be worth it. :) 

The past few days have been good. :) We got to see our investigator, Roxanne. She is the one that wrote you that sweet letter. We taught her about covenants.  It was really good to see her, we love her. 
We got a new elder in our ward. His name is Elder Orgill.  He is a lot quieter than the last elder we had here. :) haha 
We had a lesson with our investigators Kassy and Gordo.  They are both really energetic kids.  I absolutely love them! We got to see them at church on Sunday too, which was so good.  SUNDAY WAS THE BEST! I'll tell you about it in a second.  
I have learned to clean really well on my mission.  I may be a neat freak when I get home, you may not believe me, but I am thinking that's my future. :) 
We found an awesome Book of Mormon board game in our library.  I think it is from the 70's or 80's.  It is called The Quest for the Brass Plates.  It is actually really fun even though it's cheesy.  We played it with one of our recent converts and her mom.  I lost. :) haha 
We met some people this weekend that we haven't been able to in the last three months.  It was SO good.  
I ate venison again.  This time in a stew.  It wasn't terrible. :) 
Okay, now for Sunday.  Here are four reasons why it rocked.

1. Lori came for the first time in years.  She is a potential investigator. She makes the coolest cards and has the most adorable house in the world!  You guys would love her.
2. Like I mentioned before, the Dunns came to church.  They stayed all three hours!  The Young Woman were so welcoming and sweet to Kassy. :)  I need to buy them all candy bars. 
3. We were really worried about who would be the speakers in Sacrament.  We didn't want to scare Lori away and we were nervous about it because a few weeks ago one of the speakers stood up and talked about how much families stink and that he hates them.  He said that he is afraid of having a family, because his was so disfunctional as a kid.  (not the greatest message in the world)  He meant well, but it was interesting. The Lord loves us, so He sent us President Coates from the stake presidency to speak. :) It was great.
4. Miriam just got baptized and her family isn't super excited about it, but we went over there and her husband actually sat down and talked to us.  Which he has never done before.  It was cool. :)  She has two boys. The older one is not happy about her joining a religion. I have no idea what they are teaching in the schools over here, but it is SCARY. There has been more than one kid we have come in contact with that has had a huge problem with religion when before he was fine. They aren't "allowed" to teach religion but they are allowed to bash on Christianity. Not cool.

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