Monday, December 2, 2013

I hit my nine month mark!

My week was wonderful! I hit my nine month mark and now I have less time here than I have to go. It is crazy and as much as I miss you guys it will break my heart to leave.  I have never been happier and I have met so many great people who have changed my life. 
My Nine Month Birthday!!!
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun!  I had to eat two dinners!  The first one was so very fancy.  They made two turkey's and eight different pies.  I got to spend it with some of my favorite people from the ward. :) Our ward mission leader and his wife were there as well as our old RS president. She is a sweetheart and we have become good friends.  The people who fed us are the Steele's. :)  They are awesome.  He flies his own plane all over the place and knows a whole lot about space.  They took good care of us.  
Turkey place setting we had for dinner
Then we went to Lori's house, our potential investigator. We got to meet her whole family! They are so so good. Then we went to another potentials house. Spike and Garadee. :) They live in our same apartment complex.  We had a lot of fun there as well.  They are both so funny. :)  They had warned their friends that Mormons were going to be there, so one of the guys tried really hard not to swear and by the end of the night he decided that he likes Mormons. :)  I was so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people all day long.  I felt full until Saturday.  So much food. 
We got to see a shooting star. :) 
On Sunday, church was postponed because of icy roads.  We went in at 12 and only stayed until 1. :) The best part was when one of our less-actives got up and bore her testimony of the truthfulness of this church. Oh man.  I can't even tell you how excited we were. :)  Nothing else really exciting this week..
Beautiful Sunset!
Funny Face!

Epic sister win. We blocked in the elders. :D haha it was great..

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