Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I love this gospel more and more everyday

My week has been great. :) My new companions name is Sister Shields and she is from SLC. She is 19 and did a year and a half of school before she came out here. She is funny and so far we get along great. I have been blessed with such great companions. She must have been trained before she came out here, because she is already awesome

It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Bell. I felt like we were just getting started. :) It's alright though, she is close and I knew that Sister Shields and I were meant to serve together the minute I walked into transfer meeting. 

It is pretty awesome timing with losing our car in this weather, luckily members often feel bad for us so they drive us around from appointment to appointment. 

This week has been pretty slow because of February break. It always amazes me though when the Lord fills our schedules with productive things to do.He loves us. :) 

We went to the temple on Monday and that was wonderful. The new movie was good! I had so many questions and things go through my mind, I think it was the most I learned from a temple session yet. 

Teaching is going well. Our investigators are hard to pin down because they are all so busy, but when we do get to meet with them it is awesome. It's incredible how prepared people in this area are. I am so blessed to be serving here. :) 

I love this gospel more and more everyday. It's incredible how we can learn so much from studying the same topics everyday. I am learning how prayer is one of the most powerful ways to build our relationship with Heavenly Father. I love knowing that I can talk to Him all day long and that He is listening. 

We have been focusing a lot on personal contacting this week. It has been so much fun! Sister Shields and I are overcoming our fears together. My transfer goal is to focus on the love that Christ shows to everyone He comes in contact with. I want to learn how to love as He does.

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