Monday, February 24, 2014

The things I sacrifice for the work ;)

I am doing great. Life in MA is wonderful! The weather has been in the 50's the last few days.. It has been perfect. I can't believe it has been a whole year either! The time has flown by and I will be home to you in no time. :) The highlight of my year. Hmm. Can I pick a few? :)
1. Taking DeDe to do the baptisms for her mom and gma. That was incredible. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly in my entire life. She was so happy and things were just so perfect. A part of my heart will forever be in the Boston Temple

2. It has been so awesome to get to feel a small portion of the love that Heavenly Father has for his children. He loves us SO much. I have come to rely on Him and love that I can talk to Him all day long, no matter what. I have struggled with confidence in myself and my ability to do hard things, but the Lord has taught me that I can do ALL things with Him. I don't have to be perfect or even good at it, I just have to ask Him for help and then be willing to do what He asks of me.
3. Teaching Ana, Athena, Carmen, and Jocelyn at Sister Mariano's house in Central Falls. That was the coolest experience. They were so excited about the gospel and it rubbed off on me. It strengthened my testimony. I look up to those girls a lot.
4. Spending Christmas Eve with the Bishop's family in Norwich. I have never understood the meaning of Christmas more than I this past one. It was so focused on Christ and that's how it should be. I felt so close to their family and so appreciative for all the love they had shown me while serving there.
5. Believe it or not, teaching Tom. He broke my heart, and it still aches to this day.. But he taught me a lot about myself and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He truly made me understand Alma in chapter 31 of the Book of Mormon. The Spirit that confirmed truth in those lessons cannot be denied.

Those are the first few things that come to mind. I bet I could think of more. :)

The rest of the week was pretty good. We had a mini missionary come and stay with us over the weekend. Her name is Sister Bramwell. I have a new slogan for mini missionaries. It's from bugs life when the old ant says,"They come, they eat, they leave!" That's what mini's do. :) hahaha  It has happened every time without fail. Something about the mission either makes you think you will never eat again, or you just become super hungry.  It was so funny.  We are getting another this Friday and will definitely have to go grocery shopping on Monday. :) 
We are grateful that this past week is over, now people are back in town which is a relief. 
We helped a non-member move around some boxes, she reminds me of the princess form Brave. Her hair is awesome. She wants to have us over for breakfast sometime soon, so hopefully we'll get to teach their family. :) 
Walking has been so nice. I am grateful to be spending more time outside and it has been great to get that exercise. 
Church is still crazy, trying to be in two places at once is hectic, but I love it. Serving in one ward will be boring after this! haha 
Today we went to the Christian Science church in Boston to hear one of the elders play the organ. It was incredible! He is so good and the people there were so friendly. I have some sweet pictures!!

Dinner appointments are the best. :) haha The other night I had to eat codfish. YUCK! It wasn't as bad as salmon though.  I think I would have avoided it, but it was at our stake president's house. The things I sacrifice for the work. ;) haha

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