Monday, February 3, 2014

This week's miracles :)

Went on exchanges this past week with Franklin and Plymouth. I stayed in Belmont with Sister Miller (Franklin).  We had such a good conversation with a non-member while we helped her move. She kept saying, "If this is it," "If you guys have the truth."  We had the opportunity to bare testimony about eternal families and the power of the priesthood. We told her that she is a dry-Mormon (someone who acts Mormon and follows the same things we do.. They are just not baptized yet. :) )and she thought that was so funny!  Ready for some more miracles?

1.We taught Farah. The language barrier is getting better between us. (She speaks Farsi). We have someone in the ward come with us and she was able to help us teach her English. We also were able to teach her about the Holy Ghost. She had never heard of Him before. I am not sure what she got out of the conversation but the Spirit was so strong. I love her so much and so does Heavenly Father. So good. :)

2. Sarah Lopez came to mutual! We had a great lesson with her parents about faith and the light of Christ. They are such good people. Hopefully we can get them to the Belmont ward soon.

3. We helped out at activity days. The theme of the day was Science!! Heavenly Father loves me. :)

4. We taught two first lessons this week. One was to a woman named Maria Teresa. We read the Book of Mormon with her and she asked such good questions about why bad things happen to good people. She is heading to Bolivia tomorrow so we left her with a million chapters to read in the BOM. She wants to give a BOM to her husband. Being a missionary already.

5. The other was to a guy named Van. He is a super genius. He did the research for the article about the brain in this months National Geographic. Check it out for me because I can't. :) haha He had such good questions about science and religion. I honestly only understood about 40% of what was said. He thought what we talked about was fascinating and wants to be apart of growing what we have. So cool.

I spent Wednesday in Plymouth with Sister Slater. We stacked books at the library for service. I thought I wanted to be a librarian.. I don't. haha Read scriptures with their recent convert, Dave. He used to play in the NFL. 

Almost our entire zone was out sick for district meeting on Friday. I caught the bug and spent most of the day on Saturday sleeping because going out in public would have been a bad idea.. hahaha.  I am feeling better.  Still stuffy, but oh well.

Life is good. :)
Me and Sister Bell
Martha's Vineyard

Sister Bell's birthday

The view out our window

Zone talent show

Did the Elders win???

Living the dream :)


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