Monday, January 27, 2014

11 month anniversary!!

I can't believe it has almost been a full year! I feel like the time has flown by so very fast.. I will be home in no time. :)
My week was fanstastic! We got to go into Cambridge for MLK day.  They were holding a huge service project in one of the churches. We got to make blankets and valentines cards for old people. :) It was a lot of fun! We were able to meet lots of good people. They had over 2,000 volunteers come and help out. We went on exchanges with the sisters in Southcoast. I got to spend the day in Belmont with Sister Wake. We had a webex conference call with the mission leaders about the digital mission! It is supposed to be launched this week. Check out the website. :)! It's wonderful. The missionaries (not me) have worked so hard on the website. We volunteered at Beech St.  The seniors are so much fun to be around.  Some of the greatest highlights of my week. Alright ready for some more miracles!?

1.The Lopez family, who we found a week ago, called us on Tuesday to help them with family history. Sister Lopez wanted to know how to print out names so that her member friend can take them to the temple to do their work. She says that she wants to give them the opportunity to accept this gospel.. She is already doing temple work!! What the what! :) All I could do was tell her how awesome she was. They want to be baptized as a family, so we are working on getting everyone ready for it.

2. Maria Teresa is a refferal from our relief society president in the 2nd ward. She asked for us to bring her a Book of Mormon.  When we brought it over to her she said that she read it before in Bolivia and wants us to come and read it with her. Done. She has a beautiful family.

3. We got a call from one of our members saying that their friend Ali is ready to take the lessons so that he can be baptized as soon as possible.  Almost too good to be true. We talked to him at church on Sunday and he told us that he has read all of Preach My Gospel so he is prepared for what we have to teach him.
We were red-dotted Tuesday night because of snow.  Even though it wasn't too bad.  Remind me to never buy a Toyota Corolla.  Awful in the snow.  I am grateful to have a car though. We are so SPOILED here in New England. 

We had dinner at the Romney's. It was a lot of fun. They are a hilarious family! It was probably the funnest dinner appointment I have ever been to. Mitt was not there.  It was his son's family. :) They fed us pork tacos. So normal and delicious. It was hilarious. I love their family. Brother Romney is coming out with us on Thursday. :) He sliced his finger open while we were there.

I think I am allergic to cats.  We had sloppy joes for the first time on my mission.  Exciting. :) 

Taught Bernard at President Haight's home. Both him and his wife are such good teachers.  We just sat back and watched.  Bernard is what I'd like to call an eternigator.  He has been investigating for three years.  He is really smart and so talented.  He can't seem to settle any doubts to get baptized though.

Our members are on fire here!! It is such a testimony to me that member missionary work is the way Heavenly Father wants us to share His gospel. I don't have time to blink.  Life has been so crazy and so busy.  but I love it. :D

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