Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Living the dream :)

It is so cold here.  9 degrees sounds right. :) We got a little bit of snow last night and this morning. I hope it gets back into the 50's.  My nose is on permanent run. :) haha

My interview with President went really well. He is the best! He always gives such good advice. I never know what to bring up with him though.  I am not worried or concerned about much. :) 

My week was great! I forgot my picture cord.  Again.... I promise to have some pictures for you on Monday. Lots of pictures on Monday. :D 

Last pday we got to go to the zoo! It was so much fun! GUESS WHAT ANIMAL I SAW!? A hippo!! :D and wait for it. GOATS!! I can't even tell you how happy and excited I was. Heavenly Father is pouring out his blessings and I am constantly becoming more and more aware of how much he loves me. I am so spoiled. :) Then we were driving home and we were talking about how cool it would be to get to visit Fenway Park with some of the members in our ward. Then we looked over and there it was!! We got to spend the last few hours of pday walking around the outside of the ball field. We found a perfect parking spot. It was just so good. :) Living the dream. 

Then we had a wonderful member lesson that night with the Sivers family. They are awesome at member missionary work and they are just fun to be around. 

We had dinner on Tuesday with one of the Boston Temple sealers. He told us that once you are set apart as a sealer you will be one for time and all eternity. I didn't know that.

I got to go to Martha's Vineyard on exchanges!! Now that was an adventure. Best part was getting to ride the ferry there and back. :) I also got to shovel and clean up alpaca poop! Doesn't sound like it would be fun, but it was!! I walked through a sea of alpacas.  :) Islanders are a bit wacky, but in very good ways. We have had many a miracle the last few days.  

We met with the Staple's family on Friday with their friend Susan. Susan is so sweet. :) We had a wonderful lesson with her about Jesus Christ and the role He has played in each of our lives. I even cried.  That doesn't happen too often. haha 

We have been inviting families to set a date with their missionary work.  Whether it be to have someone to meet with us, have someone come to church, or pass out a Book of Mormon.  Sister Bell and I decided that we couldn't ask others to do this without doing it ourselves. So we set a date to find one new investigator to teach by January 31. So on Saturday (Sister Bell's birthday) we received THREE new investigators. A family who has been coming to church for 5 years and are just waiting for someone to help them to baptism. The Lopez family is the best. :) I have a testimony that setting goals works. Heavenly Father will put people in your path.

We had dinner at our ward mission leaders house in the second ward. They made yummy taco soup. I love it here. :) Church has become crazy. We cover two wards and they overlap.  Good news though, I get to take the sacrament twice!

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