Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The rest of Christmas was fun. We stopped by some houses and what not. Then we went to dinner at the Marker's house. They made so much food! It was delicious but I was still stuffed from lunch.. We got to eat and hang out with some potentials. They have Boston terriers! I think around 10 of them..  :D I have been converted to them.. I think I may have one, one day.. Not 10 though. Don't worry. :) I ate a lot of prime rib, not that good.
This week has been CRAZY. So I got a call on Thursday morning from President Packard telling me that I was being transferred that weekend. So here is what happened. A sister came back from having to go home for medical reasons, she went to Franklin, the Franklin sister took my spot in Norwich and then I am in Westerly until tomorrow. I had half a day to say goodbye to my people in Norwich. :( It was really hard to leave.. Tomorrow I am going to BELMONT, MA. :D I am so excited! It is going to be such a intimidating ward. I am scared out of my mind.. It's by Boston, MA. It is a lot of rich people.. Mitt Romney is in that ward. I go there tomorrow. Sister Bell is my new companion. :). Also, President Christensen (I shook his hand once and we are forever friends. I can't wait to talk to him!!) and President Haight from the missionary presidency is in my ward too.. 

I am almost positive I will be coming home in August.. I think, I'll let you know when I know. :) I am not looking forward to being a return missionary.. Not at all.

Also, my New Years Resolution is to help an investigator quite smoking I am going off sweets.. You should follow up with me and keep me accountable. :D

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