Monday, January 13, 2014

We are being asked by God to share his good news!

I am doing great. :) Belmont is fantastic, hopefully we get to spend sometime in Boston today. :)

The church bought this awesome new webex program so we are now able to Skype as an entire mission. It's so awesome!! We did it for the first time this week, I loved it. I have been so very happy my entire mission, but it has gotten even better here in Belmont. It's a different kind of work, but it's good. I am so excited and so happy. :) 

My companion and I are the same in the sense that we are both annoyingly positive to others, but not to each other.. If that makes sense. So it's fun. :) haha

We serve lunch at a senior center three times a week for an hour. The seniors are adorable. They always ask us questions and we have a lot of opportunities to testify to them. 

We are teaching a woman named Farah English from the children's version of the Book of Mormon. She is delightful. Every time we go over she has a new beauty tip for us.. It's so funny! She plucked the members eyebrows last time, the member was a good sport about it. :) 

We went on a full split with the members twice this week! That's huge for Belmont and many miracles came from it.  We have over 400 members to take care of.. It's INSANITY!! I am definitely going on splits when I get home.

We have MLC this last week and we spent the entire day talking about the Book of Mormon. It was wonderful. I don't think we realize the power that the Book of Mormon holds. Our goal as a mission is to become Book of Mormon missionaries. :) It's hard for me to remember stories, but I am getting better at it. All things are possible with the Lord's help. 

We got to drive to Cape Cod for district meeting. That was a lot of fun. 

I am excited to go on exchanges with our new sisters. :) It's such a blessing because I get to learn so much. 

We spoke in sacrament this Sunday on missionary work. We tried to take a new spin on it because people generally shut down when missionary work is brought up. I like to look at it as sharing the gospel. Gospel means good news. :) So we are being asked by God to share His good news. Seems pretty awesome. It is so critical and it's not supposed to be a burden, it's just who we are. haha it's so true! People are so intimidated by us. :) There was a lady in my first area that thought the elders were FBI agents.

I have been truly blessed on my mission. Nothing has been more rewarding.  Everyone told me that it would be 97% hard and the good would be realized later on in life.  It has been 100% good. :) Not necessarily easy, I have had to overcome a lot, but I have never been happier. It is stressful at times, but a good kind of stress. Heavenly Father has blessed me SO much. SO much. 

Sister States and Sister Malolo Vaai.. They were my companions while I was in Westerly for a few weeks. :)
I thought this was so funny!

Sister Giblette and I

The McClain's and I (I miss them!)

Sister Waite.. She is a sweetie
Sister Sullivan (Member from Norwich Ward)

Audia (Member from Norwich ward)

Roxanne :D

Kassy and Gordo :D

My old disrict.  I love these guys a whole lot!

We got matching pajamas from the Ward. hahahaha!

Doesn't my pizza look like Stich?

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