Monday, January 6, 2014

Everyone here are geniuses who make lots of money ...

I am doing so good. It is a little chilly here. :) Good thing I have the best mom in the world who bought me boots and a super warm coat against my will.. haha They are saving my life. :) Friday night was -5 degrees, today we are up to 55. So that's awesome. :) It makes 55 degrees warm.

The transfer was postponed due to snow.. It snowed a lot in Mass. So I came to Belmont Saturday afternoon. :) It is wonderful here! My new companions name is Sister Bell. She looks like the Disney princess Bell. She is so much fun! Sister Bell came out with Sister Hurst, so almost 8 months. She is so solid! I have been lucky with companions so far. She has the same sense of humor that I do. It's awesome. :)

Belmont is crazy! We cover two wards, which means I have no idea who anyone is and I won't for a long time. We don't have many investigators at the moment.. There are a million members inviting us their friends to meet with us, it's just a matter of following-up to make sure they do it.  So, we are soon to be VERY busy with investigators and I can't wait. :) I have met so many new people. Mitt Romney's son lives in one of my wards.. Everyone here are geniuses who make lots of money. They are sweet though. :) Our apartment is nice. We are moving two new sisters in today. There will be four of us, it will be a party. I will have to take pictures of our sleeping arrangements, pretty funny.  Good news is, my bed is so comfty! I sleep like a baby. :)

I have been taken care of thus far, although I did eat pistachios on accident Saturday night. It was the last appointment of the day, so it was alright. :) I took some benadryl.. It was all okay. We are right near Boston, so we will get to go there often on pdays, which I am super happy about. :D

I am starting a veggie diet today.  I am going to be eating mostly veggies and things like that.  Avoid bread. :) Also, we are telling the members that we are trying to cut back on sweets.  So hopefully they will stop cooking us dessert.  :)

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