Monday, March 3, 2014

A piece of my heart has been left in all my areas...

My one year anniversary was great! We got to spend the day at Zone Conference. :) So I saw a lot of my favorite missionaries and had a lot of spiritual food all day long. One of the elders in my district brought me goldfish the next day in district meeting. It was so nice! They are funny guys. I can not believe I have been gone a year! I thought going a month without seeing you was a long time. We had some suh-sweet miracles this week. :)

1. Farah is our investigator from Iran who doesn't speak much English. We have been trying to find a translator for our lessons with little success.. Yesterday we learned that we have someone who speaks Farsi in our ward!! What the what!! She wants to help us teach her. I am so happy. :) Also, we learned that the Book of Mormon is printed in Farsi so she can start reading from it now. Farah also came to church yesterday. :) Awh.. 

2. We taught Ali on Sunday. I love that guy. He is so smart and asks so many good questions. It blows my mind how prepared he is for this gospel. He knows it. Hopefully we can have him come and give our training sometime soon in our district meeting. He is so solid. We invited him to pray about a baptismal date, so exciting things soon to come. :)

3. Do you remember Kassy from Norwich? She was baptized after I left.. Anyways. She came to the temple on Saturday to do baptisms!! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to be there for that day. It was so special. :) She is like my baby sister and I was so excited to see her. So many people from Norwich came up to visit the temple too. I saw so many people that I love. :D It made me miss being in Norwich. Not that I don't love Belmont, because I do. A piece of my heart has been left in all my areas. 

Sister Giblette is my sister trainer and we went on exchanges with her and her companion. It was so great to be with her again. Sister Giblette is hilarious. We both needed the exchange and I feel like I learned a lot from her. It's nice to be sister trained. They promised to mention us at MLC this Wednesday so we can still be there in spirit.. haha I got to open my package with her, which was fun. Zone Conference was amazing. We learned so much and were given so many things to do. It was probably my favorite one so far. We always play, "Do You Know Your Mission" at lunch and this time they made me play.. I knew more than I though, but we still lost.. Sister Calder won. :) Which basically means we did too because she is my mission mom. 

My greenie is good. She seems to be happy.. She is catching on quickly, it has been hard for me to share the responsibility with her at the start..I am getting better at it though. 

No Romney sightings.. hahaha 

I have been able to avoid sugar pretty well, although I do have to eat it sometimes.. Members get really offended when you tell them no. 

The mini missionary was a lot of fun. She was a sweetheart. Her name is Sister Olsen. She didn't eat all of our food. hahaha We also went grocery shopping today, so we are loaded up on all things good. :) I will totally make mini missionaries a thing when I come home.. Consider it done. :)

My new companion's first day in the field
My one year celebration package :)

It's so soft it's like wearing a hug!

I love Sister Giblette!

There's so much snow!

I found these footy pajamas in my closet :)



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