Monday, March 17, 2014


I am doing so well. :) This past week has been fantastic. So we had to move out of our apartment for a few weeks because our landlord is redoing our bathroom. We get a new bathroom and we have been forced to figure out the bus systems! I think Heavenly Father was in Heaven like,"Okay, it's time to stop walking everywhere.. Now you have to ride the bus system." :) It has been a blessing. We have been living with the sisters in Watertown. Six sisters in and apartment.. It's been fun. :) Our zone leaders brought our mattresses over.. We are loved! I have gotten to spend time with Sister Giblette too, she is one of the sisters in the apartment. We eat so much brownies and ice cream it is ridiculous.. I didn't know it was a huge thing until my mission.. We went to return and report for the new missionaries and their trainers. It was SO good. I love love love being around other missionaries. We got to hear from our AP's and from President Packard. 
We were on the bus on Friday and a little girl sat next to us and she was so excited because she was heading to the dentist. We were talking about how excited she was for the prizes she was about to get.. Our stop came and as we walked off the bus she stood up and yelled,"YOU TWO SMELL LIKE BUNNIES!" We took it as a compliment coming from a four year old. Everyone else in the world knows that bunnies stink. :)  We also had a little boy asked what language we spoke in Utah.. hahaha
We had a member call us Thursday night asking if we could create a mini visitors center for the lobby in the chapel by Sunday.. He wanted it their for his friends to be able to look at. We were able to have it done by Sunday, it was a good test run.. Improvements will be made. :) 
Miracle time!

1. Ali is such and awesome guy. He wants so badly to do the things that God would have him do. He is fasting and praying for a baptismal date, so keep him in your prayers. I am so excited about him.

2. Sister Eager is a member in the Belmont 1 ward. She has had such cool missionary experiences the past few weeks.. So she has been going to this dry cleaners here in Belmont for years now. The people who run it are Korean and Sister Eager decided that she wanted to give them a Book of Mormon.. So she bought one in Korean, but never had the courage to give it to them. About a week ago the man asked if he could have a copy of the Mormon Bible! How awesome is that? Heavenly Father knew that Sister Eager did what she could do and He made up for the rest. Now he has a Book of Mormon and good things are happening. :)
3.Yesterday, the Lambs, invited a family over for dinner and invited us as well. The father is Catholic and the mom has no religious background. Our members lead the discussion in what they thought their friends were comfortable with. We ended up talking about the KJV of the Bible and we gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was such a wonderful experience and so exciting for all involved. Follow-up soon to come. We are very excited about this one. :) We know that their are people here in Belmont ready to receive Christ's gospel. We are trying really hard to find them.
4. We had a lesson with Farah and the Farsi translator. We were able to teach her about the Bible. She has very little understanding of a lot of Christian things.. Anyways, the Spirit was so strong and the lesson was so touching. She was able to come to church this past Sunday as well. She is wonderful. :)
My District... They are the best!

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