Monday, March 10, 2014

I am an old granny in the mission :)

My week was great. :) I have some miracles too share. But first, my companion is doing great! I think. haha She seems to be adjusting to mission life well. She is already a really great teacher and it's fun getting to go over the basics again. I needed it. 
Our investigators are so good. We are teaching a total of 7 people, hopefully more to come soon. We are working really hard on finding many new people to teach. I am an old granny in the mission and still have fears when it comes to talking to random people on the street. I am getting better though. :) 
The ward members are the best. They are so willing to help us out and so willing to share the gospel with everyone they see. We would not be as successful as we are without these awesome members. I have learned that members and missionaries have to work together for the gospel to be able to spread forward as Heavenly Father intends. It's impossible for us to do it alone. 
It snowed this morning. I am so over the snow. It was 50 degrees on Saturday! It was wonderful! The snow from today melted pretty fast though, thank goodness. I thought spring was supposed to be here already..? Oh well, I still love it here. :) 
Okay, now time for some miracles..

1. We went former investigator hunting with a member of our ward Tuesday night. We had lots of places to stop on Marsh st in Belmont. We didn't know at the time, but Marsh street is super classy. HUGE homes. Our member said that she was surprised that's where we wanted to go. :) haha anyways. We walked up to the home and they have this giant cross in their front yard.. As we get closer we notice their house was all windows so everyone inside was watching us walk up.. We knocked and the people were so nice! They let us in and it just so happened that they were having Bible study. :) We read Galatians with their family and then just sat and talked for awhile. They are really active in their church, but were so interested in FHE and visiting/home teaching. They want us to come back and teach them how to do it. Pretty cool. :)
2. We went over to a members home yesterday for dinner.. We got there and they let us know that they invited their non-member friend over too. His name is Michael and he was so much fun to talk too! The member asked us to share a message with them and we had the opportunity to bear our testimony about the Book of Mormon and about Jesus Christ. It seemed like he thought it was pretty cool. :) Hopefully we can follow-up and maybe meet with him soon
3. Small tender mercy. We got bus passes! We were also brave enough to try out said bus passes and we did not get lost! Riding the bus is actually pretty fun. 

The achievement day girls emailed me. :) It was so sweet of them. They asked so many cute questions! I hope they got my email back. I am the only sister missionary from our ward? That's crazy! That's so sweet that they are so excited to get my reply.. I am glad I am having a positive influence on them. :) Maybe I will hand write them a letter, will you give it to them for me? 
Digital is the new face of missionary work.. Everyone is online asking their questions, that's where they feel most comfortable. I think it's awesome, but at the same time I like old fashioned missionary work.. It's the world we live in though, we have to adapt. :) God has given us some great tools to help spread His gospel.

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