Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The work is wonderful

This past week in a half has been an interesting one. :) In good ways. I finally feel at peace with what I know to be my purpose as a missionary. Heavenly Father and I have an ever growing in strength relationship. I talk to him all day, and I know He is listening because He lets me know all day long. It's the best thing in the world.  
Okay, so get this. I eat beans and coleslaw now! Voluntarily! I have made leaps and bounds with my food.. haha 
 We taught our investigator Maria Teresa this week. She is a wonderful lady. I love that she has no fears with sharing her concerns or her worries with the church. She is also very accepting of the answers we give to her. 
I have been praying so hard to gain an increased amount of love for Belmont. Serving here has been hard and different. Not that I haven't enjoyed being here. :) because it's been wonderful. I am finally to the point where after every appointment all I can think of is how much I love the people we just visited. It has been such a blessing and an answer to prayer. I have definitely learned what I am like in different situations and the person I do not want to be. Life is good. :) The work is wonderful.
We were able to help garden on Saturday! It was kinda warm, so one of our members broke out their shovels and pete moss. It was a blast. They are the cutest older couple and they remind me so much of Papa and Gma. 
OH! I saw Sister Bell! Oh how I missed her. She was at the Belmont chapel for a meeting the same time we were for a clean-up. You should have seen the reunion. :) hahaha I also survived transfers.. Many people in our zone did not though. We are losing both of our zone leaders, which is a huge bummer. They are probably two of my best friends. :) It's okay though, one is going to Weber (Elder Watson) and the other will be working in Cambridge (Elder Fenn) which is right next door. 
Today we watched the hour long Restoration movie and played games as a zone. It was so much fun. :) We also get to move back into our apartment tomorrow! WOO! Oh and it was so much fun walking in Boston today! The wind was blowing so hard that we could lean all the way back on our heels and the wind kept us upright. I LOVED IT! You are already up into the 70's? Ouch.
No baptismal date for Ali yet. Getting people to commit to baptism here is so much harder than anywhere else I have served. Everyone's lives are so good and prosperous. They don't see the need for baptism because they feel like they have it all without it.

We have two new investigators! Amelie (Om-ell-ee) and Susan. Amelie is 9 years old and such an adorable little girl. I love teaching kids. :) So much fun. We haven't actually met Susan yet, but she is being passed to us from Weston! Woo Woo! She seems to be awesome. :)

I flew in a spaceship :)

The Petersen family in Belmont 1 ward.  He is our ward mission leader and I love him :)

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