Monday, April 14, 2014


I am doing great. :) We had a pretty eventful week, in the sense that there was a lot of events. :) haha We had interviews with President Packard last Tuesday. That was wonderful and very needed. I love him so much! I can't wait for you to meet him. You will love him lots. We were given training on how to create Zion in our companionship.

Then on Wednesday we had our sisters conference. All of the sister missionaries met together in Weston. It was a blast! Mom, you're going to love this.. The theme was butterflies! I AM A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY. Never thought I'd say that, huh? I also got to see all of my old companions. They bring sunshine to my soul. The elders in the surrounding areas served us lunch, that was funny. :) They were so nice for doing that for us. We received such powerful messages. Our ride home didn't know that they had to give us a ride home.. Luckily, Sister Giblette and her companion Sister Staley saved the day! :) They showed us how to get home on the greenline. We are true public transportators now.  

 We taught Amelie on Thursday. She is such a delight. We are having her make her own plan of salvation on a poster board to help her remember all the information. She is so creative. I will have to get a picture of it and send it to you. :) We also had real Tepanyaki! They put a grill on their table and grilled all the yummy stuff right in front of us. So much fun!

We ate dinner on Friday with our investigators, the Lopez's. She made authentic taco soup. :) I am loving that the weather is warming up now. Everyone is out and about and so happy.

OH!!! WE ARE RIDING BIKES! IN SKIRTS! It's the best thing ever! So much fun and we are able to get places much faster. People find it so funny. :)

We spentSaturday morning at the chapel helping out a group of people who were here from Maine. We entertained kids while the parents went through the temple. :) So much fun. I love being so close to a temple. Such a blessing. 

Sunday night we went to a musical fireside that was just wonderful. I love music that is centered around Jesus Christ. 

We won't be able to email next week.. It's patriots' day.. Which is a HUGE deal here. :) We get to watch a reenactment and got to the Boston Marathon. Woo Woo! We will email Tuesday. :)

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