Monday, April 7, 2014


My week was great, as always. :) We had such a fun April Fools Day. The mission told us that pday will now be ending at 2 o'clock, you can tell that was a joke. :) haha We also got to teach Farah, the woman from Iran. I love being around her, the Spirit is always so strong. We brought a member to meet her and they hit it off! She took Farah to the science museum and had her watch conference at her home. She is the best! She is also working on getting her a SSN so she can find a job and thus get her family here. So good. :) 
We spent the afternoon gardening with our new friend Maya. She is a delight. She gave us herbal tea from the Himalaya's! It's like serving a foreign mission! ;) haha 
We ate dinner at the Peterson's (ward mission leader 1st ward) and she made the cutest meal. We had "dessert" for dinner with a "cake" that was really meatloaf covered in mashed potato frosting. For "dinner" we had a cake decorated like a turkey and peas(sixlets) and carrots (starbursts), with mashed potatoes (ice cream) to top it off. :) So clever! I also finished off the night being a horse for their kids so they would brush their teeth. :) So much fun!! 
I found out that I am allergic to nuts even when they touch things. I tried to eat nut covered pasta, to no avail. That's alright. :) I had benadryl handy. 
We taught our investigator Maria Teresa. I was able to testify, because I know with all my heart, that she will be able to see her mom again. It was so cool. :) 
We taught activity days and I got to teach the girls how to dance! That was a lot of fun, I miss it so much! The girls were going crazy, but I enjoyed myself. 
We taught Levitt (investigator) and he asked us so many good questions. He has been coming to the church for years and it has been hard to get him to recognize that there is something different about this church, that's why he keeps coming. 
We had zone meeting on Friday and they took us on an Easter Egg hunt.. I enjoyed that. :) 
CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD! Wholly guacamole. I learned so much, spiritual overload. We watched conference in lots of different members homes and finished it off with the last session in the chapel. Wasn't it wonderful? :) Such good talks. I loved Elder Bednar's. Endings are hard. :(
We got to garden, eat waffles, and teach investigators. Wonderful weekend. :D 
We had the BEST lesson with our investigator Bernard. I have never seen so many lights go off and so many things make sense to him before. He kneeled with us in the lesson and prayed to know if he should be baptized. The Spirit was SO sweet and powerful. He knows what he should do.

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