Monday, August 11, 2014


Goooood morning! :)

I have spent the past few week reflecting.  I feel like I have come to that point in my missionary life. :) haha One of my goals this transfer is to remember. I do not want to go home and go back to 'real life.' Elder Holland told us that this is real life. What I am doing and the person I am becoming is real life. I want to remember the feelings. Remember the blessings. Remember the trials. Remember the spiritual experiences. Remember my Savior. Remember the love that Heavenly Father has shown to me. Remember the people. Remember how to keep satan out of my heart. Remember the the exquisite joy. Remember the sorrow. Remember my companions. Remember the Spirit. Remember the meaning of discipleship. Remember that the gospel is simple My list will go on and on. :) More to come, maybe? I feel like the Lord has impressed this upon me so much the past little bit. He knows how badly I don't want to forget and is helping me in all ways. I am so grateful..

This week has been great :) I feel like it has flown by. Sister Williams has already done a full week in the field! Crazy! Sometimes I forget that she is being trained, she is just that good. We are very much alike, in good ways. We have fun together and we are also able to teach by the Spirit. It's really cool. 
I don't feel like breaking down the days (shorttimer syndrome??). So here are just some experiences this week. :) We spent a couple days with our investigator Janice. One of the days we helped her clean up her apartment.. By the end of it we had about 15 puzzles in our trunk. :) They happen to still be in our trunk.. haha We did give some to the elders though. We taught her about forgiveness. She has a lot of burdens that she is carrying. It's hard to watch other people suffer. The best part though is knowing she can and will find relief because of her Savior. I love testifying of His Atonement and of His ultimate healing power. We also spent sometime with the elders looking for former investigators.. While out and about a lady started to Bible bash with us. Like most Bible bashers, she was contradicting herself the whole time. One of our elders, Elder Fauver, is super bold and opinionated. So he pulled out some scriptures and tried to make sense of what she was saying. No use. It reminded me though of the simpleness of the gospel. It all comes down to a basic foundation in Christ and with Him, we cannot fail. :) Helaman 5:12. We talked about spiritual gifts with one of our less-actives. She is such an incredible lady, I can't wait for you to meet her! Her name is Martha Cruzan. She has taught me to be humble. :) We had zone meeting on Friday. One of the things I will miss the most about being a missionary is being around other missionaries all the time. They are hilarious and there is just something special about it. :) I love it. The training was mostly on personal contacting, which I am not very good at. It's still necessary though. :) Saturday was a rough day. I was out sick for most of it. I had a massive migraine with some serious sinus pressure. I thought I was going to explode! It was a little bit better by Sunday and today I am feeling alright. :) Today we are going to go on a hike in the same place I went with Brian and Kelly.. Should be fun! :)
Two of my favorite sisters came for a sleepover (Sister Hurst, Me, Sister Bell, and Sister Williams)  :D  I made them all take a picture with me, after we were in our pj's :)


Those animal crackers go perfectly with our animal wall :D hahaha

I got a journal that matches my socks!

I am trying to just transfer "owl" my thoughts into the journal without writing them out... hahaha

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