Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Converting the whole complex...

So this past week has been fun! I was fed food from Africa and I am pretty sure the sauce that was put on my rice had chunks of squid in it. -.- It was yucky, but I tried to eat it and the lady was really sweet. :) She said thank you for trying, I guess she could tell I was struggling. haha

We went on splits with some of the sisters in Boston last Thursday and it was so much fun! I love the city! Who knew I would ever say that? It is so gorgeous and I love all the people.

I rode the T-train and the sister I was with challenged me to sit next to someone she picked out, I was so nervous! She picked this cute old woman and we had a great conversation! I gave her a mormon.org card, I don't think she will check it out anytime soon, but you never know. :) Someone who had lots of missionary friends talked to me also. I love wearing my name tag. :) We were walking home to our apartment and we ran into three people that live in the complex and we started to talk to them about what we were doing. They thought it was pretty cool. :) They were all so sweet and we have an appointment with one of them on Thursday. While we were talking to them a man who lives two doors down from us was walking passed and one of the ladies was like,"we are just learning about the Mormons." He stopped and looked at us and said,"I have some serious problems with Joseph Smith." We offered to listen to what he had to say, he declined. Which is okay, we send good vibes his way every time we walk past his door. :) One day he will know how cool Joseph Smith is. Another day, we were heading up to our room and we met an Indian family and they have the cutest little boy! (we are going to convert our whole complex btw) He has autism, but he is so loving. :) He gives us big hugs whenever he sees us and his dad appreciates us keeping him in our prayers.

The Elders who live in the complex next to us were throwing something away the other day and next to the garbage they found a mini washer machine! COOLEST THING EVER! :D I know it may sound gross, but they took it home and have been using it ever since. We borrowed it last night and it works wonders. The washers we have are expensive and break a lot. This one hooks up to our sink. :)

The youth in our ward are incredible! They invite people to mutual, seminary, and church. The cool thing is that the kids they invite actually come and love it! They are such great examples. :)

We had return and report the other day and our President spoke to us a little before it got started. He was talking about how Satan is not happy about what is happening in our mission and that we need to be careful about taunting him and things. He said that he got a letter from a missionary that said something like"Satan is going down." President was not okay with that. Even though we are on the winning team and we know that Satan will fail in many aspects, he will take as many people with him as possible. As Latter-Day Saints we have to always be on our guard and never let it down. Oh and we are teaching a lot of members about decoupling. :) You all should try it out.. It is when you want to invite a friend to something religious, but you're afraid of how they will react. You decouple the relationship by telling them that they have every right to say no to your invitation and that if they do say no that nothing in your relationship will change. Explain to them that this gospel is so important to you and that's why you are inviting. :) I am really sorry this email is all over the place.

CONFERENCE WAS SO AMAZING! Neil L. Anderson gave a wonderful talk. My favorite was Elder Holland and Elder Eyring. :) We were with an investigator. :)  She loved it. :D She had so many great questions and even took notes.

Oh yes, sharing the Apostasy and Restoration is all I do. :) haha One thing I really try to do is explain the Apostasy in way that shows we had to have a Restoration because there is no way that God's power was on the earth. There were many different people who wanted to do things their own way and they believed that religion should adapt to the times. It's important for people to know that we believe that many had good intentions and many good things to share, they just didn't have the fulness and they changed things to fit the world. Religion definatley does not change to fit the world. :) A Restoration was needed so that God's power could return to the earth and we could have the gospel exactly how Christ organized it.

We were going to go do the Boston Freedom Trail, but we ended up not.. We are just sleeping, hanging out, and writing letters. Then tonight we are teaching two lessons. :) Next pday we are going to the Boston Marathon! :D  Our neighbor had his jockey shorts out drying on the balcony.. Oh what it would be like to be old and free. :D hahahaha

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