Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holy Ghost and Blessings!

Yesterday was crazy! My district and I were going to go to the end of the finish line (of the Boston Marathon) and the freedom trail, but we decided last minute to not. We were walking around cambridge, which is about a minute outside of Boston, we were going to cross the bridge that heads into Boston. It was so cold and windy and I had a strong desire to not go into Boston. If we had continued across the bridge we would have been there, at the finish line of the marathon, when the bombs went off. Five minutes after we got into our car and started to leave, we got a call from Sister Crane (Konrad's cousin) and her companion that they had seen two bombs go off! They weren't hurt, but they witnessed it. We listened to the radio on the way home and it is so tragic. You always here about these kinds of things, but you never think they will happen so close to home. It was so scary. :( Out of all the missionaries in Boston that day, not one got hurt. THANK GOODNESS. I am so grateful we decided to leave Boston when we did. We were red dotted for the rest of the day, which means we couldn't leave our apartment. A member brought us dinner, which was so sweet of her. You probably know more of the details now than I do though. So so tragic. :( We had an investigator who ran the marathon and she was 1/4 mile away from the finish line before the bomb went off. We couldn't get ahold of her, because she didn't have her phone. It was terrifying. She is okay though, really shaken up. I am honestly scared to go into the city. 
Before any of this happened we were walking around Kendall Square. I have a ton of pictures for you!
The Elders from our district, we made them all sit in back :)

Elders having fun stealing my camera and being goofy

Boston is my town!  Kendalls are famous here

On Sunday we were asked to speak at a cat's funeral. I didn't find this out until about 5 minutes before we went over there.. My companion and I were so afraid that we were going to just laugh the whole time. That would have been so bad! The lady was so sincere and loved that cat so much, that the Spirit was so strong! Interesting. :)  We talked about God's love for all creatures and that we know she will see her cat again. She isn't a member though.  We were invited to speak because the members whose house it was at thought it would be a good way to expose her to the missionaries. :)

Memorial for the cat

Things here are good. The work is great. We have a baptism this Saturday and two of our investigators told us that they are going to pray to know if it is true (which it is, so they will get an answer) and if they get a yes they are going to join the church! :D  Also I think that it is great that no matter where you go in the world, our doctrine is the same. We teach the same great stuff no matter what. :) 

The time is flying by for me! I have almost made it through my first transfer. Whoa. I keep you in my prayers as well, i appreciate the prayers. :)  

Next week is transfer week, so I don't know when I will be able to email.. Just watch for it. :)

Janica's new skirt - look out the old folks are wearing off on her, they have the skirt hiked clear up as high as it could go!

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