Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Month Mark

Transfer week was crazy! We spent three days straight cooking and cleaning for 35 or so people. We used a lot of crock pots and cut up a ton of fruit and veggies! I had so many little cuts on my hands from peeling potatoes and cutting up food.  It was fun though. :)  It was a lot of fun, but we were pooped afterwards.  I napped already today and our mission President let us nap on Friday.  He is awesome. :)  In the last 7 days we have had 12 different Sisters stay with us. :) haha  it was insane!  I barely made it out alive. Girls are ornery. :) Most of them were good though.

Monday was the only day we weren't helping out. We went and planted flowers with the Elders at De De's house (she is our recent convert).  It was a lot of fun!  Her husband taught us how to fly fish and apparently it's my calling in life.. I guess I am good at it. :)  We didn't get to actually fish. :)  We just practiced in his yard.. So I guess that's not as cool.. haha  That night we went over to a member's house and had a three hour dinner appointment with the Elders.. Their kids had so much energy and were all over the place.. My chicken was pink (I knew it would happen one day mom!) :) haha.. The kids were all really adorable, we had a lot of fun with the family.  I had so much food on my clothes afterwards though, the baby kept climbing on the bench I was sitting on and used me as a napkin. :) haha  The little girl put presents in Sister Calder's and I's shoes. :) We laughed so hard when we got in the car.. It was an adventure.

Tuesday is when all the new missionaries came in, we were putting stuff in our car, getting ready to leave when we noticed our investigators water bottle was sitting on my chair.  It had exploded!  We let the juice sit in there for too long, it was a nice plastic water bottle too.  It smelled so bad, and we spent hours scrubbing it out of the ceilings and the seats. :)  We haven't told our investigator what happened yet.  We're buying her a new water bottle today. :)

The rest of the week flew by.  We got mini missionaries on Friday and they stayed until Sunday.  Mini missionaries are anyone 16 and up that want to come out with the missionaries.  They can come for a few weeks, or just a weekend it depends on the stake.  They live mission rules and get a taste of missionary work. :) It was supposed to happen the last two weekends, they both got cancelled though.  They were so cute and had a lot of fun with us, which is good.  They are deciding if they want to serve missions or not, hopefully we convinced them that missions are the  We recite D&C 4 everyday, so I have it memorized. Have you memorized it yet momma?  Yesterday I had to teach gospel principles all by myself.. Scary.  It went surprisingly well I think. :)

Can you believe I have already been gone two months?

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