Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life after the bombs...

I know I told you that I wouldn't be emailing on Monday, but here I am. :)
So this week was crazy! We were on lockdown Friday because the suspect of the bombings was in a town close to us. 7 1/2 million people couldn't leave their apartments. He was hiding in a boat, bleeding because he was shot in the neck. I am glad that they caught him and that hopefully the scary part is over with.  Friday was really bad.  I have never been so scared in my life.  They are so concerned for our safety.  It's good.  The unknown was scary, especially because he was running wild next to us and he was armed and dangerous.
We were finally able to teach a family that the members have been working with for forever. They finally wanted to meet with us. :) It was awesome. They are so solid. 
I am not being transfered. :) So I will be in Needham until at least June.  My companion will be with me until June.  I think I am training in June, which scares me. We'll see how that goes. We live really close to the mission home, so we will be cooking and cleaning most of the week.  It should be fun. We also are having six missionaries stay with us. :) We get the six missionaries tomorrow. :) and they will be with us until Thursday. They are all brand new. :)  One shower, it will be fun I think.  I'll be home in no time and I have to tell you that I might be awkward when I come home haha I already feel the effects of being totally removed from the world.. haha
Yesterday, some of my district and I got to go and hand out copies of the Book of Mormon outside of the Book of Mormon musical. It was so much fun! A lot of people were impressed that we had the idea to do it and responded well. We ran out of copies really fast. I have some idea what the musical is about, I heard last night that there is a ton of swearing and some parts were pushed a little too far. I guess the main guy is a gay missionary.. I also heard that they mention that the LDS church is the true church.. I don't know about that one. It's from the creator of South Park. It's funny how hard the church is persecuted. Ironic. :) Satan is working hard on us, and not really on any other church. I wonder why.. ;)
We did have the baptism, it went wonderfully.  :D  She is 22 and in the military.  She grew up catholic kinda.  She has a really good friend who is LDS and he introduced her to the missionaries.  We are trying to convince her to marry him.  He is a cutie :)  Her parents are members, but they came to her baptism and took home a copy of the BOM.  She is so solid and a cute girl. 
Hopefully we get to go fishing today!  The investigator who was baptized Easter weekend's husband is taking us with the Elders.  She told us she can't wait to see us today so she can give us huge hugs and kisses for brining the Holy Ghost into her life.  She is such a sweeheart!!  :D

I called my companion "momma" yesterday in front of an investigator!  HAHA
I honestly think that being on a mission was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It is hard, but everyday I love it more. 

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